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📥  Case Studies

Fabio Nemetz, Computer Science, Director of Studies

In the Department of Computer Science, we introduced agile mini, stand-up meetings between the Director of Studies (DoS) and the student representatives. The idea is very simple: between SSLCs, separate short informal meetings are held with each year group’s student reps separately.

The main benefit is that reps don’t need to wait for SSLCs to introduce their issues. If problems are minor, solutions can be suggested that can be implemented quickly, or we place an item for the next SSLC. This enables the SSLCs to concentrate on more major issues and for reps to raise issues they would otherwise feel too minor or not timely for the SSLCs themselves. This can however in turn resolve issues quickly before they become major and and the structure could help to potentially save time overall.



Academic representatives conference

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📥  Case Studies


This 2013-14 project provided funding for a pilot, one day, conference style, training event for Student Academic Representatives across the University held in November 2013, in the newly opened Chancellors Building. The event combined enhanced training sessions to compliment the online training module, personal skills development activities and networking sessions to enhance the ‘informed student voice’.

Attended by over 150 Representatives, Academic and Professional Services staff and external speakers (including key note speeches from the Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching and the National Union of Students’ Vice- President (Higher Education)), the conference received excellent reviews from those who attended.

The winter 2013 publication of ‘Better@Bath’ featured an article about the Academic Representatives Conference on the front pages, complete with quotes, photos and more details of the sessions provided.

Ongoing funding for the Academic Representatives Conference to take place annually has now been agreed. (more…)