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University skills through the foreign language

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📥  Case Studies


This 2013-14 project supported a one-day languages event for local sixth form students. The students and teachers attended a lecture in the morning facilitated by an educational consultant. They learned about independent study, motivation, presentation skills and learning in a multi-cultural context. Afterwards students had a campus tour facilitated by Student Ambassadors in the target languages of the day (French, German and Spanish). This was followed by afternoon sessions in which they worked in groups on different topics that then they had to present in the foreign language. The afternoon sessions were facilitated by language staff (Emilie Poletto, Astrid Forsyth and José Carlos Cirera).

" I expect other departments could run similar one day workshops. My experience from this project is that giving schools direct exposure to the discipline in question, allowing students to “have a go”, to spend one day on campus, meet teachers, etc. can make a very big difference in terms of promoting the subject, dispelling myths and improving recruitment." (Dr Irene Macías) (more…)