ifOnly app has now been released onto the iphone and on android

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Dear all

As you know we have been working on a crowd sourcing app called if Only which is soon due for release.

'if-Only' encourages people with disabilities and long term conditions to share with us the everyday problems they encounter around the home. We encourage people to show us what troubles them, and to inspire innovative design solutions. People record and share videos, and then develop an original product that could potentially solve any of the issues demonstrated.

If you know anyone who has practical problems with everyday items around the home and who might like to share, we would like to make a short video with them to illustrate the problems they are having. This will be uploaded onto the website.

If you know such a person living locally, please can you contact Sarah Rook - S.V.Rook@Bath.ac.uk Sarah can make these short films with people in their homes.  Sarah also has a demonstration video which explains more which she can show you.

Posted in: HealthResSW