Psychological Treatments for Chronic Pain: Evidence, Challenges and Opportunities a presentation by Professor Chris Eccleston

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Psychological Treatments for Chronic Pain: Evidence, Challenges and Opportunities.

A Presentation by: Professor Chris Eccleston, at the Bath Pain Forum, Winter 2013.

What was presented?

Psychological treatments for chronic pain are recommended as part of the gold standard for a multidisciplinary pain treatment centre by the International Association for the Study of Pain. However, in the last five years a number of systematic reviews have questioned the evidence for this standard. In this presentation the current evidence for the efficacy of psychological treatments in reducing pain, improving mood disorder, and improving function is reviewed, for both adult and adolescent chronic pain. The challenges to establishing a reliable evidence base are discussed, and the opportunities for novel interventions and improved science are explored, with a focus on what works today.

Professor Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston is Professor of Psychology at the University of Bath, Director of the Centre for Pain Research, and Coordinating Editor of the Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care (PaPaS) Cochrane Review Group. Chris is interested in evidence based pain, therapy development, telemedicine solutions for pain management, child and family factors, and basic science of attention and pain.

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