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Centre for Pain Research featured on Body in Mind website

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Research from the Bath Centre for Pain Research, has been featured on the Body in Mind website. The Body in Mind website focuses on attempts to better understand the way the body, brain and mind interact, with the aim to better facilitate and disseminate credible clinical science research.

Three studies from the Centre were featured on the BIM website, and included the studies 'Pain communication through body posture: The many postures of pain' by Joe Walsh, a final year PhD student at the Centre; 'Do psychological therapies improve outcomes for children with chronic pain?' by Emma Fisher, a PhD student at the Centre and 'Gender and the body language of pain' by Dr Ed Keogh, Deputy Director of the Centre.

The Bath Centre for Pain Research is focussed on innovation, creativity, and discovery; and supports a diverse range of research areas. The Centre also operates as a training unit for people interested in a scientific career in pain research and development.