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The Last Hurdle

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Hey everyone!
It is nearly over and I can’t believe it, where on earth have the last 10 months gone?! I have had a great time in Manchester and will be really sad to leave work next Thursday, although I do plan to come back for a few days here and there over the summer.
In terms of my project I am now further with my data analysis (Matlab still confuses me) but I have managed to analyse the data for 18 subjects.. with over 200 peak values per subject this took longer to organise than I originally thought! My personal aim was to collect and analyse a set of data for 20 subjects before I finished my placement. After next week I should hopefully have done this, I had a meeting with my supervisor earlier this week and he said that over the summer there may be an opportunity to publish some of my work, which is really exciting!
I am still waiting for two pairs of orthotics to arrive from Spain, they arrived last week but both of them had been manufactured wrong so had to be sent back. This setback has delayed testing the final subjects, alongside this the equipment I need has been fully booked as one of the gait labs is been refurbished from next week and won’t be back up and running until later in the year. They hopefully will arrive by the end of today and I will be able to slot the subjects in around everyone else before I leave next Thursday, I know I am going to be cutting it fine.
I have learnt so much from my placement but one thing that I think I learnt on day one (I guess I may have mentioned this before) is that research does not always go to plan straight away. This can be very stressful especially as unlike a regular 9-5 job in this environment you work to deadlines, so when one thing sets you back it has a knock on effect to many other factors. During my placement there has been such a strong emphasis on that ‘you get out what you put in’, I am now much more able to take responsibility for my own learning. I think this is going to be very beneficial in my final year of study and in my future career, especially if I stay on into post graduate education.
Alongside leaving my placement I will be sad to leave Manchester in general, I have made some friends for life here and as a city it is fantastic. I never thought as a country girl I would have so much fun in what I think is a massive place (my friends in London don’t really agree), I just love the fact that the city never stops and that there are always people around in the centre whatever time day or night.
In other news Manchester United won the premiership, that is also really exciting and I am thankful for the opportunities working at Old Trafford this year has given me! I mean Fergie knows who I am, how cool is that…
I will write my final blog the week after I finish, I will reflect on the most important things I have learnt and how this placement has affected my personal development.
Thanks for reading!


Applying University knowledge to Placement work

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Over the past 11 months I have been working at Harbour Sport in New Zealand. Being able to apply my university knowledge to my work placement has been key. From university I gained specific skills that I can apply to a range for work areas, such as communication, networking, skills development, and team work in different settings. It is important to utilise aspects you have learnt at university in a work environment, as this theory can be put into practice.

One of my main areas of work at Harbour Sport is Event Management (check out my earlier blogs). I studied event management in my 2nd year of university, where my group held a successful university and celebrity event, ‘A Question of Sport’. This event was created to raise money for different charities, and involved a panel of celebrities going against the winning quiz team of the night to become the ultimate champions. From prior to and at university, I have gained skills from learning about events and from running the actual events myself. This has enabled me to apply these skills to event work on placement. I have been able to understand the events terminology used and the processes to create an event from an idea to the final product. This has benefited me greatly and I have now been able to expand my knowledge about event management, which will further help me when writing my dissertation and in my future career.

By researching journal articles and templates for processes, I have been able to further broaden my knowledge and apply them to different areas of my work, such as health and event management. Therefore I have come across different pieces of information that I have been able to use myself and share with my work colleagues. Currently I am writing the ‘Harbour Sport Event Management Best Practice Report’. I have been able to access a lot of material to create the report. Here I have been researching a wide range of event management areas, such as: transport and travel, accommodation, VIP guests, communication, project team, location and venue, and debrief. This report will become a critical aspect for Harbour Sport to use when they conduct events, as it outlines what processes they need to do and why they need to follow them. It also will be a very useful document for myself, as I have gained more knowledge from further researching event management, and by setting all the information out in an easy to read report will justify this knowledge.

Therefore it is really important to make sure you use the knowledge that you have learnt in university in the workplace. This will benefit your placement work by making it easier to understand processes. Also the knowledge that you gain whilst on placement will benefit your final university year and future career decisions. I have learnt so much by going on placement for a year. I think it is really beneficial for your career and opens your eyes to the really “work” world. I am so happy that I came on placement and the fact that it is in New Zealand makes the experience even more worthwhile.

Harbour Sport Crew