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Un ventilateur - a fan

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Yesterday I slept awfully; the road outside my house was noisy, the bed wouldn’t unfold to its normal size and it was BOILING, BAKING, BEYOND ROASTING hot, the entire night long… I must have got about 20 minutes of sleep. So, I got up early and went on a long hunt for a fan… or, a “ventilateur”. I trawled round about 5 shops, asking everyone where to buy one (everyone was helpful except one person) and then eventually found for 16 euros from this place called Bricomart. I absolutely love it more than anything in my life. Now, hopefully I might be able to sleep. I also found this LUSH restaurant right near my house called Le 18, and the food was perhaps even better than last nights. Ventilateur, by far my most-used word today.


Arrivées - Arrivals

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Arrivées – the first word I saw when I got off the plane and stepped into the airport. It could only mean one thing: the Year Abroad had started…

My first meal in Aix! Salmon tartare...

My first meal in Aix! Salmon tartare...

My journey was actually a fairly easy one. Around two hours from Bournemouth to Heathrow in the car, a plane journey of an hour and a half into Marseille, a thirty minute bus into Aix-en-Provence and a short walk to my flat. I’d been nervous about my flat for a while since I’d only seen it on an add on the Internet – who would I live with? Would it look like the pictures? Does it even exist? – but I was greeted by my landlady’s mother Anne and she couldn’t have been nicer. The flat itself is extremely small, and it was a little dirty in places. My other flatmates at the moment are three slightly older boys, two of whom are French and one who is American (which made small talk a little lazier but much easier!). They were all lovely, thank goodness!

But that is one thing I have noticed about Aix – the people are so genuine and friendly. My landlady told the boys off for leaving the place in a mess for my arrival but only lightly, and told them outside that they need to look after me because I’m “mignon”, which I am taking as a compliment!

I enjoyed an INCREDIBLE meal at a restaurant called Le Bon Moment and experienced my first French Tartare. OH MY WORD it is good. Mine was salmon, and was basically French sushi with chips (which were by a LONG shot the best chips I’ve had in a while). Don’t make me fat, Aix…

So all in all, my own arrivée was wonderful for so many reasons. Next up, to explore the city tomorrow…


Parola du Jour - about my blog

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This year, I will be spending one semester studying in Aix-en-Provence, France and the other doing the same in Naples, Italy. I cannot wait to get going, and to document my time there I've decided to post a new word I've learnt every day that I'm in the country. Since it will be so regular, I will write less, but I hope that the words I will have learned (I will try and find ones I wouldn't normally have learned in class) and the experiences I will have had will reassure, inspire and encourage younger years to make the most of their year abroad, culturally and linguistically. My main aim for the year is to improve in whatever way I can in terms of language, and I know that writing words down like this, tied to stories of how I learned them, will not only solidify the knowledge in my head and maybe others, but will help me to read back at the end and remember everything that happened with a big smile!