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The end of an era…!

📥  2015-16, Health

This is my 10th and final blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

To quote Rachel from Friends, it really is the end of a mini era!



How time flies... 

I can’t believe I have finished my placement year! It has gone so fast! And I am so sad it has come to an end!

It is going to be very strange not hiking it up to London each day! Nearly everyday, since June last year, I have got the train and walked the same route to work. I have developed, without even realising, habits on my commute. For example, I get in the same train carriage; see the same people, the same barista at costa coffee serves me and of course being amongst the amazing buzz of commuters in the city all marching to work. I even managed to spot Boris on his bike during my last week!

Whilst I am most definitely looking forward to the summer break, I will really miss placement!

The spectacular sites of London!

The spectacular sites of London!

The buzz of the city...

I am really going to miss the buzz of the city and the amazing landscapes I see each day! There is something very stimulating about walking to work each morning with hundreds of commuters and walking past Big Ben, the London Eye and various other landmarks. I have definitely been around most of the city centre of London during the last year, and have greatly improved my navigation skills! But there are still many places I didn’t go, just goes to show how big London is! I definitely have tried not to take London for granted, it really is an amazing city and I am so lucky to have had the chance to work here for a year.

Join in...
It is really strange to think that I didn’t know or had even met the 25 people I work with at Join in. And I have spent nearly everyday seeing the same people and working with them for the past year. Without sounding too cringe or cliché I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more welcoming and generous group of people to work in my first full time job with.

Having a nice group of people to work with definitely helps!

Having a nice group of people to work with definitely helps!

I have definitely felt part of the team and I have had the chance to get involved with a bit of everything on placement, here are a few of my highlights…

  • Worked collaboratively with NGB’s (such as UK Sport, LTA, England Hockey and Sport England) to put more volunteers into grassroots sport. Responsible for updating major events on the Join In website. Interviewed volunteers and clubs and wrote blog posts for the website.
  • Compiled the profiles of BBC Sport Personality of the Year (SPOTY) stars, managed the call list to connect athletes and outstanding volunteers in order to deliver the nation’s biggest ever thank you to sport volunteers at the SPOTY show.
  • Managed Join In’s invaluable PR coverage database, capturing the media value of Join In’s campaigns.
  • Attended major sports events such as; Anniversary Games, Euro Hockey, 6-Day London and Modern Pentathlon Championships!
One of the highlights- BBC SPOTY 2016

One of the highlights- BBC SPOTY 2016

Why I would recommend placement!

I was never really 100% sure if I was going to do a placement as part of my degree. Partly because I took a year out after a levels before I came to uni, and partly because I had settled into my Bath routine, I don’t like change!

When the opportunity at Join in came up it looked like the perfect chance to learn about the different areas of the sports industry- which was my main motivation for doing a placement year. I have gained more than an insight and have had the chance to acquire first hand experience in delivering on the ground and nationwide campaigns. I am very lucky I was offered the chance for this unique placement. Not only the theoretical side that will help me with my degree, but the practical and 'life' skills.

I was lucky to visit the Olympic Park a few times this year

I was lucky to visit the Olympic Park a few times this year

These are a few of the things I gained from placement:   

  • Practical experience of the sports
  • A strong understanding of how a charity
  • Working in a small team of 25 people has
    meant I have an increased knowledge
    of the different areas of the sports industry
  •  Good understanding of career
    pathways to different job roles
  •  Increased confidence
  • New network of contacts
  • Experience full time work and working in
Back to the beautiful Bath!

Back to the beautiful Bath!

Back to Bath... 

Finishing my placement in May means I have a lovely long summer before final year commences in September. I have some exciting plans over the next couple of months, which will be nice!

Through placement I was informed about an exciting volunteering opportunity with Team GB. For a week in June I am volunteering in Birmingham with at the “Kitting Out” process. This is giving out the official Adidas kit to the athletes off to Rio! It definitely will be exciting to be part of and again a new experience to add to the list!

I am looking forward to going back to Bath for final year, especially as I get to see some of my friends who have been abroad this year on placement.

A couple of people at work said “make the most of your last year being a student! Which I definitely will do! But I am definitely not as scared or dreading the working world now!

Louise Rose

(Sports and Social Sciences)


"Making Time!"

📥  2015-16, Health

This is my 9th blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

Trip to the West End!

One of the ‘classic’ London things to do is to see a musical in the West End. I have been meaning to go all year! My sister, Lizzie, is the singing and acting one of the family, so I asked her to chose something for us to go and see. I was up for seeing anything, as long as it was upbeat.


With my sister at Kinky Boots!

She suggested Kinky Boots, which we went and saw at the Adelphi Theatre one evening after I finished work. It recently won a few Olivier Awards and had a great write up. The theatres in London always surprise me at how big they are inside compared to what they look like from the outside! It was a fantastic show! The singing and dancing was amazing and it was a very upbeat play! It was also funny too, so definitely one I would recommend to anyone.


The Adelphi Theatre in Covent Garden

Behavioural Insights Event!

I was lucky to have the opportunity to experience one final event at Join in, before I finish. This was the launch of their new research called ‘Making Time’, defined as “providing a comprehensive new look at the behavioural science around volunteering and in particular volunteering in sport, the UK’s biggest sector.”

The research was conducted with support from BT (Join in’s founding partner) and Simetrica ( a specialist social impact research organisation).

An outline of the research.. .something I will definitely be using with my uni work in final year!

An outline of the research.. .something I will definitely be using with my uni work in final year!

The research primarily focussed on who volunteers are, how often and why they do it (the benefits and motivations). The reasons why people don’t (the barriers), and then considered how behavioural science principles might be used to play up these benefits and motivations and overcome these barriers.

The 'Making Time' research

The 'Making Time' research

The event was a ‘breakfast’ meeting, which meant it started at 8am! So I had to be there early before hand to help set up and greet the guests. Of course the morning wouldn’t go without a train drama! There’s me thinking the 5:30am train I had to get on I would be guaranteed a seat and a smooth, quiet journey- nope! A fire at Vauxhall at 3am earlier that morning caused severe delays, over crowded trains and me panicking I wasn’t going to make it in time. Fortunately I made it only 30minutes late and didn’t get lost finding the venue!

The research set up in the conference room

The research set up in the conference room

The event took place at a Cabinet Office building, unfortunately I am unable to disclose the name of the venue due to security purposes, but it was a very nice building! My role at the event was signing the speakers and guests in, which was an excellent chance to see who was there and put a face to a name. The guests included people from Cabinet Office, charities, NGB’s and general sports enthusiasts. There were a couple of Lords and Dames there too! Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson was one of the speakers, along with Join in patron comedian Eddie Izzard. Eddie Izzard definitely had a presence about him that made him stand out, you can always tell when someone is famous!

The main speakers at the event

The main speakers at the event

A fro- yo and catch up on work life!

Another Sports and Social Science student who is working in London is Lucy Gell. Lucy is working at Samsung, so is “big time” in the corporate world. It lovely to see a friendly face (well 99% of the time 🙂 ) from Bath! It has definitely been interesting and entertaining comparing our placement experiences as well as an excuse to go for a fro-yo!

Another Bath placement student!

Another Bath placement student!

Louise Rose

(Sports and Social Sciences)


New research and eccentric commuters !

📥  2015-16, Health

Placement Blog 8

This is my 8th blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

Behavioural Insights…

For the last couple of weeks I have been lucky to be involved in another area of work at placement that is new to me! Join in are currently conducting research called ‘Behavioural Insights’.

Behavioural Insights draws on research from behavioural economics, psychology, and neuroscience to understand how humans behave and make decisions in everyday life. Whilst I enjoyed studying a couple of modules in sports psychology, as part of my degree in first and second year, this isn’t an area we covered. I am definitely finding it interesting!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 17.12.26

The research involves looking at the different barriers and motivations for sport volunteering and how you can increase the number of people offering their free time. Some of the barriers include ‘not enough time’, ‘not sporty enough’, ‘not confident enough’, ‘never heard of it’ and ‘don’t have the skills’. Join in are hoping that the research will contribute to what methods can be initiated to increase the chance of volunteering becoming part of someone’s lifestyle.

One of the social experiments that Join in have conducted so far, involves the use of Facebook ads. The ad’s come up on peoples news feeds with examples of people that have engaged in volunteering, and Join in are testing how many people click on the ad’s. For example, ‘I am Bob, I am a teacher and I am helping grow sport in London, lend a hand in London today”. It will be interesting to see the results of the experiment, especially as the use of social media is increasing by the second as well as the influence that it has on people’s lifestyle choices.

The different and slightly bizarre methods of commuting in London…

One thing that I have questioned during my placement year is the variety of methods of commuting people chose to use! It takes me around 30-40 minutes to walk from Waterloo to Farringdon each morning, and then the same on the way back in the evening. I enjoy walking as its cheaper, quicker and healthier than the tube or bus and there’s not a bad view of the River Thames on route. However, I have definitely come to the conclusion that walking to work is the most out dated method of commuting.

There is of course the classic ‘Boris Bike’ you can hire. With a swipe of your credit card you can grab a bike and go, which is a great initiative. However, whilst there are cycle lanes I have seen far too many near misses of cars or motorbikes crashing with cyclists on my route to work. Cyclists also love to ride through red traffic lights in London! I would rather cycle in a quieter area of the city.

The other method is a scooter. I don’t think I have still come to terms with seeing a fully-grown adult on a scooter. I got a scooter when I was 7 years old, and that was the last time I rode one.  The problem with scooters is that they are too slow for the cycle lane but too fast for the pavement. Scooter commuters seem to find it difficult to ride them as well, I have seen a few women struggle to grasp the technique and I have overtaken them walking.

Unfortunately I am yet to see crazy Boris riding around London, but you never know!

Unfortunately I am yet to see crazy Boris riding around London, but you never know!

One of the most bizarre methods of commuting has to be the ‘Hoverboards’. Again I associated these gadgets with children. It involves the person balancing on an electronic board and then some how (I don’t understand how) steering with their body. I get how they can be fun to use, in maybe a skate park. But I personally can’t stand them on the pavements and roads of London! They weave in and out of people and then come up zooming behind you.


The delightful hoverboard! I am afriad I won't be getting one of these soon!

The delightful hoverboard! I am afraid I won't be getting one of these soon!

It has definitely made my walk to work more insightful and entertaining watching people use these various gadgets. However, I think for me personally its safer choosing the ‘simple and boring’ option of walking!

Louise Rose

(Sports and Social Sciences)


London Life!

📥  2015-16, Health

Placement Blog 7

This is my 7th blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

Count down to the summer…

The last few weeks I have been continuing with on-going projects. With Rio 2016 just around the corner, Join in is starting to plan some events for the summer to get more people involved in sport, which is exciting.

Last week I got the chance to attend the British Olympic Association headquarters in London. My bearings of how to get around London are definitely improving, I didn't get lost or go the wrong direction on the tube for once! It was great to visit another renowned sports association, each meeting room was named after an Olympic Games! My meeting was in ‘London 1948’!




Sport Relief…

I am sure you have seen in the media, Eddie Izzard's completed 27 marathons in 27 days for Sport Relief.  27 days is reference to the 27 years that Nelson Mandela spent in prison. Eddie is a Join in patron, and has represented Join in at a number of events. Everyone in the office has been following his progress over the last month, and no one can understand how his body survived! Especially in the heat! The last day, he completed 2 marathons in a day, which is just crazy! But also incredible that he has put himself through the gruelling challenge to raise money for charity. I enjoy running, but get bored running anything more than 10K! I don’t know how he managed to have the mental strength to do 27 marathons! I think one marathon is an achievement in itself!

Thinking ahead…

Going into the last couple of months of my placement, I am trying to get ahead and think about my dissertation! Previous placement year students have said “collect data and research early”. I have started to brainstorm a few topics for my dissertation, but it still scares me to think about writing 15,000 words on it next year!

I have also been asked by my colleague’s and friends if I know what I want to do once I have finished uni, what job I want. My answer is still ‘I am not sure yet!” Not because I have no idea, but because I feel like I have a few different options now, which is good! I am not sure if I could work in London again though. Although many offices and organisations are based in the city, and I am lucky I work in a quieter area of London, I prefer places where people aren't constantly in a rush to get everywhere! But I do love the buzz of London!

Louise Rose

(Sports and Social Sciences)


New projects, new skills...

📥  2015-16, Health

This is my 6th blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

This month has been quite quiet at the organisation, with business resuming as usual. However, there have been a few exciting projects that I have had the chance to get involved with.

The ‘UK Sport’ athlete visits project…

I first got involved with this back in November. The project involves matching up UK Sport funded athletes with their local sports clubs. The athletes make a volunteering visit to the club, and get involved with coaching, refereeing or another activity. It is a great way for athletes to give something back to grassroots sport as well as younger participants to have a role model. I have managed to arrange a couple of visits recently, and it is really enjoyable to see how grateful the clubs are to have an elite athlete visit their club. It is also inspiring for young people to meet the athletes and have a chance to hear how hard they work and how disciplined their training and competition schedules are. A couple of the athletes Join in has matched to clubs are currently trialling for places to go to Rio, which makes it even more exciting!




Major events…

One of the main features of Join in is promoting volunteer opportunities at major sporting events in the UK. There have been a large number of volunteering opportunities promoted on the website so far this year, some examples include; Hockey Championships trophy, Lords Cricket Ground events, British Athletics Championships and a host of marathons all over the UK. Although Join in is primarily for supporting volunteer opportunities in the UK, the charity has helped promote volunteer roles for the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio this summer. Those who have been selected to volunteer in Rio unfortunately have to expense their trip, but its still a very unique chance to be amongst the excitement of the event.



‘Skills’ training…

Over the last month I have had the chance to benefit from some ‘skills’ training at work. Different people from Join in have been running sessions based on their expertise. It has been good to have some knowledge in areas I was unfamiliar in, for example, digital marketing, Google analytics, PR, media and a very worthwhile session on CV’s and interviews.

Over half way through…!

I can’t believe how fast placement has gone, I have now done 9 months of placement! But in many ways it feels like I have been working at Join in for along time because I know the people well and how the organisation runs.

Although I still haven't 'warmed' to the daily train commute...

Louise Rose

Sports and Social Science


"Volunteering. The key to a healthier, happier 2016"...

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This is my 5th blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.


This is my first blog of 2016! December was a busy, but enjoyable month! I went to my first Join in Christmas party; which involved delicious food (and drink!), a quiz and secret Santa. It was also the month in which the #BigHelpOut campaign came to an end…

Trending worldwide on twitter!

The #BigHelpOut campaign was put into action at the BBC Sports Personality of the year at the end of December. Join in and BBC Get Inspired organised for sports stars to make a phone calls to sports volunteers and say a #BigThankYou for all of their hard work. A gold telephone box was on the red carpet, along with a tv screen to make skype calls! Some of the celebrities that made calls included; Dan Carter, Niall Horan, Denise Lewis, The Davis Cup team and Leeds Rhinos. Unfortunately, I was watching the event from home. But it was still very exciting following the event on TV and twitter! The #BigThankYou trended worldwide! It was amazing to see so many sports teams; athletes and general sports enthusiasts get involved with thanking volunteers. There was definitely a sense of achievement in the office the next day.


The sports stars on the red carpet at SPOTY!


New Years Resolutions

January now marks month 8 out of 12 of my placement! I can’t believe I am over half way! It was nice to have a Christmas without assignments or exams to revise for, a number of my friends are in their final year at University so had dissertations to write. This time next year I am going to be in that situation, so I enjoyed the work- free Christmas!

One of the focuses in January at work is helping people tick the box of having a ‘happier’ and ‘healthier’ 2016. As a naturally sporty person I have always led a healthy and active lifestyle. However, there are many people that aren’t and find it hard to get motivated. Some of the common ambitions people have as resolution are ‘ to get fit’, ‘do more for myself’, ‘do something for charity’, and ‘get a new hobby’. Volunteering can help with all of these, whether it’s coaching, marshalling or running the race route. Hopefully we can try and inspire more people to get involved!

I don’t tend to make New Years Resolutions myself; I prefer short-term targets throughout the year, as I am more likely to achieve these!!

Louise Rose

(Sports and Social Science, Department of Health)



📥  2015-16, Health

This is my 4th blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

Big Help Out

It is getting close to BBC Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) and I have been busy getting involved with the final preparations for the campaign. Join in and BBC Get Inspired have joined together to say a “#BigThankYou” to sports volunteers. On the evening of SPOTY, Join in patron Eddie Izzard will present the BBC Unsung Hero award and invite the audience (both in the studio and at home) to tweet a ““#BigThankYou” to a sports volunteer. Last year this proved very successful and it trended around the world, beating the X factor final!

Eddie Izzard at BBC SPOTY 2014

Eddie Izzard at BBC SPOTY 2014


Along with this, a gold telephone box will be on the red carpet, inviting stars to phone a volunteer and say thank you. It has been exciting anticipating the sports stars that are going to be attending the awards. Hopefully this campaign will encourage more people to get involved with sports volunteering as well as recognise the value of sports volunteers.



Student Volunteering

Recently I have written a blog for the Join in website about the benefits of volunteering for students. It has been good to write a piece which relates to students, not only because I am one, but because it shows the values of doing work for free. It can provide career openings by building up contacts, gaining work experience and finding out what you like or don’t like. I definitely found volunteering opened the doors to so many opportunities for me, in particular the sports industry.



I am looking forward to having a week off over the Christmas break! And then coming back to new challenges and opportunities at work in 2016!

Louise Rose

(Sports and Social Science, Department of Health)


Visit to the Velodrome!

📥  2015-16, Health

This is my 3rd blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

6 Day London…

One of the highlights of placement this month was watching an evening of elite cycling at the Lee Valley VeloPark. Join in were lucky enough to be given hospitality tickets to the 6-Day London event. The event involved some of the world’s best cyclists competing, along with live music and entertainment as a back drop to the action on the track.


The Velodrome!

It was the first time I have been to the famous velodrome at the Olympic Park. It was not only a spectacular sporting facility, but also provided a energetic and exciting atmosphere, with the sound echoing everywhere. It is easy to see how during London 2012, it must have been incredible to watch and be part of.

velodrome 2

The track with the DJ and the athletes in the middle!

Although I have watched elite cycling on the TV, I didn’t realise how many different types of events there were. From team sprint, to individual pursuit, it was very exciting to watch due to the competitive, fast and thrilling nature of the sport. For a few of the events old men on a motorized bicycle appeared on the track. I have since learnt that these are called a ‘Derny’ and act as a sort of pace maker, creating a path for the cyclists to ride behind. I didn’t quite understand at first why some random old men appeared on the track, but now I have watched it, it makes more sense why they were there!

velodrome 3

A snapshot of my celeb spot- Chris Hoy!

As well as the cycling going on, there was a DJ, in the middle of the track, performing a set. I must admit, it did feel a bit random! But it added to the atmosphere and the cyclists I am sure were given a boost when 'Pharrell Williams' was blaring out the speakers. It was a great chance to watch elite sport as well as visit the incredible Olympic Park.

Giving something back…

One of the projects that I am working on, at my placement, involves matching up UK Sport funded athletes with their local sports clubs. The athletes make a volunteering visit to the club, and get involved with coaching, refereeing or another activity. It is a great way for athletes to give something back to grassroots sport as well as younger participants to have a role model.

Dark evenings…

Now that we have hit November, and the clocks have gone back, the commute home is a lot darker than before. However, it does make London look pretty impressive, it isn’t a bad view…

London late night

A slightly blurry picture of part of my walk to Waterloo!

Louise Rose

( Sports and Social Sciences, Department of Health)



📥  2015-16, Health

This is my 2nd blog about my placement year at London 2012 Olympic legacy charity Join In UK.

Oh Dear England…

Being at a London 2012 Olympic legacy charity, major sports events play a big part in the organisation. Join In helped promote the Rugby World Cup volunteering opportunities and got behind the excitement of the event, especially as it is hosted by England.

Unfortunately, England didn’t do as well as planned so some of the excitement has reduced. However, it looks like the volunteers have enjoyed the spectacle of the event all the same! 2015-10-13 17-23-30

Join In and BBC Get Inspired launch #BigHelpOut campaign

SPOTY 2015...

Join In and BBC Get Inspired have launched the #BigHelpOut campaign, which involves getting 10,000 more people involved in volunteering in sport, by BBC Sports Personality of the year in December. Not only does the event celebrate sporting performance, but unsung hero’s, such as volunteers, are recognised too.

Whilst working on the campaign, there has been some discussion in the office as to which sports stars and teams will be recognised at the event. Although it is highly unlikely the England Rugby teams performance will be celebrated, it has still been a successful year of sport. I am obviously biased, but hopefully there will be focus on some of the success women have had this year. For example, Jessica Ennis, the England women's football team, England women's hockey team, and England women's netball team, who have all won medals!

Train Trouble…

The daily commute continues to be a large part of my day! It has become a common occurrence for some of my friends to receive a whatsapp message from me moaning about a train issue. Whether this is not getting a seat on the train (and having to sit on the floor or stand squished between a bunch of business men) or the most popular issue- signal failure!

However, one Wednesday evening I had the biggest train nightmare yet, and it wasn’t National Rail’s fault- it was mine. I thought I was being clever and catching an earlier train home. I even managed to get a seat! I, as usual, plugged myself in to my ipod. It was all going so well, until I started to wonder when we were going to get to my stop. It was dark outside and I couldn’t work out where we were at all. I then looked up at screen on the train that shows the stations the train stops at and panic hit me. I was on the wrong train!

Being in a silent carriage didn’t help as I wanted to scream with anger at myself. I either got on the wrong platform at Waterloo or I misread the stations the train was calling at. Fuming at my stupidity I dashed off the train at the next stop and legged it over to the opposite platform in a hope to go back the other direction. Luckily I managed to get a train to my normal stop within half an hour. For 20 minutes, I sat there trying to make myself cry because I felt sorry for myself, but I think anger took over!

Hopefully the saying “ learn from your mistakes” has come into action here and I won’t spend my evening again doing a tour of the South East on a train.


Louise Rose

Sports and Social Science


A Summer of Sport!

📥  2015-16, Health

Joining the commute….

One week after finishing year 2 at University and I was straight into starting my year long work placement at Join In UK, the London 2012 Olympic Legacy charity based in Farringdon, Central London.

I have been to London many times before, but this was my first time as a commuter. However, the 40 minute over ground train ride, and 30 minutes squashed on a tube is very different to chugging up Bathwick Hill on the U18 bus.

Whilst the numerous tube strikes over the summer has caused stress and complications to many workers, I managed to discover a walking route from Waterloo to work. This has meant I have traded stuffy, cramped conditions for fresh air, standing and being squashed in a carriage for a 60 minute walk, and most importantly swapping dark tunnels for the scenic views of London.

Walk to work!

Walk to work!

Something new…

One of the main reasons I chose to do a placement year was to work in an area of the sports industry I had not yet got experience in. Most commonly sports degrees lead to coaching or teaching, however this particular placement focuses on sports management, policy and events.

Join In is a charity that was set up after London 2012 and is focussed on getting more people involved in sport. Just as I was beginning my placement, Join In had sealed a partnership with BBC Get Inspired to get 10,000 people volunteering in sport in the run up to Sports Personality of the Year in November 2015. This meant that I was instantly part of the busyness of the campaign launch. Having the chance to sit in on meetings with NGB’s such as England Athletics, British Gymnastics and the LTA was a fantastic insight into the behind the scenes side of sport.

Join In UK

Join In UK

Beyond the office...

As a naturally on the go person, it is perfect that this placement has got the balance between admin work and being involved in sports events outside of the office and at well known venues! These have included attending; a NCVIS conference at the Houses of Parliament, where I got to engage with young people about their career aspirations and volunteering experiences. A London NGB conference held at the Kia Oval, which involved listening to talks from NGB’s about increasing sports participation. The London Anniversary Games, where Join In hosted hospitality lounge at the Olympic Park to thank over 70 volunteers for their contribution to sport. A host of past and current Olympic and Paralympic athletes gave inspiring speeches, such as Christian Malcolm, Lin Davies, Ben Rowlings and Hannah Cockcroft.

Anniversary Games 2015 at the Olympic Park

Anniversary Games 2015 at the Olympic Park

One of the standout weeks of placement so far has been volunteering at the European Modern Pentathlon Championships, held in August, back in Bath! I had the role of Workforce coordinator, along with someone else; we were in charge of 100 volunteers! It was one of the most exciting, entertaining and exhausting weeks! Meeting and working with a range of people (from the retired to young aspiring students) has enhanced my people skills, time management and ability to think on the spot immensely! I also learnt a lot about the Modern Pentathlon, a sport which I had little knowledge of before. 2015-09-08 16-25-10

The European Modern Pentathlon Championships held at University of Bath

September rain…

As the summer comes to an end and whilst many are just starting their placements I am already 3 and a ½ months into mine! I am amazed by how much I have learnt and experienced so far in a short space of time and I am excited to see what the next 9 months have to offer!

Louise Rose

( Sports and Social Sciences, Department of Health)