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Les banlieues de la République (PL30900): Skype Lecture

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Speaker: Dr Christina Horvath, Senior Lecturer in French Politics, Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

External speaker: Didier Desponds – University of Cergy-Pontoise in Greater Paris

Date: 18 February 2016

I have used Skype for the first time in a lecture. It allowed a group of 4th-year student to listen to a French professor in Geography and expert of urban policies, Dr Didier Desponds.

I found this a good way to diversify teaching, opening up the classroom for new perspectives and establish dialogue between the guest speaker and the students could ask questions in real time. The speaker's expertise was complementary to mine and made the lecture more complex and multifaceted and hopefully also more compelling and challenging.

The technical help provided by Tony Gallagher made the organisation and running of this event smooth and easy, and I would certainly be happy to more of these events if this level of support can be available on a regular basis.

- Dr Christina Horvath

Dr Didier Desponds shared his expertise with students via Skype.

Dr Didier Desponds shared his expertise with students via Skype.

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