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Doing business in China: opportunities and challenges (MN30400): Skype Lecture

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Speaker: Dr Chenjian Zhang, Lecturer in Strategy & Entrepreneurship, School of Management

External speaker: Dr Jingjing Wang - Daimler AG

Date: 7 March 2016



It was my first time to use Skype guest lecture. It allowed 4th undergraduate students from the School of Management listen to a Practitioner Dr. Jingjing Wang share her PhD research and her industrial experience on cross-cultural leadership and expatriate challenges related to doing business in China.

Tony Gallagher provided technical support and conducted the test call, which made the running of this event smooth. I find it is very helpful to run a couple of tests to double check the technology before the lecture. The session went well. Students had the opportunity to hear the speaker’s cross-culture experience when working and living in Germany for more than 8 years. The lecture was followed with Q&A. In the second half of the session, I picked up the thread and introduced a case study and facilitated class discussion on expatriate failure and how to make expatriate successful in China.

The speaker’s expertise was complementary to mine academic interpretation of the relevant theory and concepts, which provides students a rich learning experience. Student’s feedback suggest that the slides could be shared before the lecture so that they could prepare questions before the classroom. Another feedback is that more interactive opportunities could be provided during the Skype lecture.

If I were to do this again, the main thing I would change would be to communicate with the guest and design the session to be more interactive.

- Dr Chenjian Zhang

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