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In search of Europe (2): integration and disintegration in Europe since 1989 (PL30295): Skype Lecture

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Speaker: Dr Jorge Marco, Lecturer in Spanish Politics and History, Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies (PoLIS)

External Speaker: Alba Contreras, member of Podemos (Spanish political party)

Date: 6 April 2016


Alba Contreras, member of Podemos political party joins the lecture via Skype

This was the first time I had used Skype in a class, and the result was very good. I invited a guest speaker, Alba Contreras, who is a member of the new Spanish political party Podemos. I asked Alba to give a brief introduction on the party's foundation in 2014: its origins, current situation, her personal experiences… Then for the remainder of the class the students asked her about the challenges faced by the party and its future in Spain and Europe. The results were very pleasing. The session was very informative and the students were able to engage with the topic, playing an active role asking Alba questions. The discussion was very dynamic and allowed us to debate the challenges of the new left in Southern Europe in greater depth.

- Dr Jorge Marco

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