Social Media and Innovative Teaching at Bath

Showcasing innovative teaching involving Skype and Twitter by the University of Bath staff

About us

2015-2016 University Teaching Development Fund

This blog showcases innovative teaching conducted by staff across the University of Bath. A number of staff members have been using social media to deliver interactive teaching in various disciplines. The project is funded by the University's Teaching Development Fund 2015-2016.

As part of the project, the staff have been using a blend of Twitter and Skype to organise interactive video conference sessions with academics, students, translators, civil engineers, aid-workers, social activists and journalists from across the world. The purpose of this activity has been to enable students to learn first-hand about a number of critical issues concerning their studies by interacting with participants who might not be able to travel to the University campus. In Politics & IR courses, the exercise has helped students learn about political and security issues concerning the regions they might be studying. These interactions usually last around 50 minutes each, and normally follow 45 minutes of lectures.

Students use Twitter hashtags for their courses to send questions to the remote participants. Remote participants are given those tags beforehand and they can follow them via Twitter during the sessions. Once they received the questions, the participants answer them in front of the entire class via Skype. The classrooms at Bath are equipped with cameras and microphones. Students can participate in the discussion by commenting on the issues being discussed both verbally and through Twitter. Every student in the class uses either a laptop or a smartphone to ask questions and to participate in the discussion.

To find outĀ more information on the project please visit Dr Wali Aslam's (Project Lead) page.

To find out more information on project support please contact Amanda LesterĀ (Project Support)