Social Media and Innovative Teaching at Bath

Showcasing innovative teaching involving Skype and Twitter by the University of Bath staff

Topic: Student Feedback

Pharmacy, expert patients and learning through Skype

📥  Student Feedback

Lectures incorporating videoconferencing technologies help create an informal but productive environment for both the speakers and the audience, which facilitates informal but meaningful communication. This learning technology facilitates the opportunity to interact with individuals free from the restrictions of time and travel. Skype lectures are an engaging complement to standard lectures as they sustain the audiences’ interest through breaking down the barriers between students and lecturers; this makes students more receptive to the speaker. (more…)


The Use of Videoconferencing in teaching Pharmacy

📥  Student Feedback

Pharmacy is a vocational degree. This means everyone in the course, students and tutors alike, is constantly being bombarded with the question: how is the content of the degree useful in one’s future career as a pharmacist? Though we may not be able to make linkages with the future in the case of each and every thing studied on the course, the use of videoconferencing technologies was particularly relevant in my training to be a future pharmacist. This learning technology enabled me to communicate to our expert patients who had the health conditions we were studying at the time. The experience of learning about certain conditions was truly humbling. The process assisted in my reflection process because I was able to see the different between ‘having a condition’ (as described by a textbook) and ‘living with a condition’ (the human dimension of a problem in which patients make major and minor adjustments to adapt to a new lifestyle). (more…)

The Utility of Videoconferencing for Interpreting and Translations-Studies Courses

📥  Student Feedback

Videoconferencing technologies can benefit teaching on Interpretation and Translation Studies courses in a number of ways. While students in this discipline do have the chance to hear from guests coming to the University to deliver lectures, run workshops or give recruitment presentations, it is not always possible for experts to visit us on campus due to time constraints. Most experts in this field travel extensively for private and public activities. As a solution, Skype lectures provide excellent opportunities to students to interact with and learn from experts who may not be academics, but work full-time in the interpreting and translation industry.