The international applicant student journey

Two University of Bath applicants share their experiences as they come to study in the UK for the first time.

A dream come true

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Coming to the beautiful city of Bath to study architecture is a dream come true:  a city which is known for its rich and ancient architecture, heritage and culture.  Receiving the Acceptance of Studies from the University of Bath was just the start of a long and exciting preparation schedule. There is so much to look forward to coming to Bath this year that I have to prepare myself on so many levels. Firstly there is the excitement of coming to the University and meeting new friends, then to settle in and adapt to a new culture, then to live alone far from your relatives and lastly to prepare yourself for the studies.

Apart from going through the formalities for completing the paperwork for my visa and other documents, I am getting ready to adapt and soak in the new atmosphere at Bath. I am reading about the history and culture of the place, learning the local lingo and ways of English people.  At the University the freshers’ week and the events there are all so exciting that I just can’t choose what to do.  Scheduling the events in my calendar and preparing for what to wear is difficult. As they say, the first impression is the last impression.

Exploring all the societies and activities beyond studies are very exhilarating. Living alone for the first time, away from family has made me take cooking classes, and do budget planning (not at all easy when you do it alone!).  This entire thing aside, the most time consuming but most satisfying and rewarding is the shopping part of it. In the end, the remaining time I am visiting my friends and relatives, to meet them all before going.  I just can’t wait; I am literally counting down the days left on my fingers.  I am super ready and excited to become a member of the Bath family.

Nishesh Jain

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