The international applicant student journey

Two University of Bath applicants share their experiences as they come to study in the UK for the first time.

A very intense first week of study (Nishesh Jain)

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Fresher’s week ended with a lot of fun and excitement and nervousness, for the lectures started from the first day. The first day was more an introduction as we learnt about the new modular style of teaching and got introduced to our faculty and rest of the cohort. It was very interesting to know that from a group of 21, we had 14 different nationalities (very global).

Teaching began from day two and that was the start of a very intense week ahead. Lectures scheduled from 0930 – 1700, left us with truckloads of information to dig into. Also, our in week assignment kept us at the library late in the night till 1-2 am. Nevertheless we had a very conversant and well-versed faculty who patiently taught us through it.

In-week assignment presentation

In-week assignment presentation

Final day of the module before the weekend was a big relief and I can say it ended successfully, with just a long essay to be submitted at the end of the month.

Next module begins in the last week of October so before that there is some time to relax. Consequently over the weekend, with free minds again, I, along with my friends went to see more of Bath and Bristol. Two sunny days of exploration!!

The beautiful Bath Skyline walk

The beautiful Bath Skyline walk

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