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Worn out (Joon Yoong Loh)

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I've learnt the importance of prioritisation over the past few days. I've been ambitiously trying to make the most of my time; signing up for more societies, events and talks that I could handle - to the detriment of my studies.

They do say that self-study is essential in University, and I finally realised its full meaning today; (a good point brought up by a friend). Well, I could not follow what Prof Sessions was teaching at the economics lecture! And that was because I didn't prepare for it; problem is, there are so many good things to do in Uni, and I'm too worn out to study!

Also, before I went off, my mother told me that when I arrive in Uni, the first thing I should do is:
1.Get into a church
followed by:
2. getting friends,
3. and finally studies.
She's right. Another reason why I didn't feel like studying was that I was feeling isolated. I'm having trouble fitting in with my housemates - excluded from many conversations and activities - due to cultural barriers. And to make things worse, I'm not hearing much from my Malaysian friends either; they live on the other side of campus. However, if you are concerned, I just got back from dinner with some of them (as I type this), so I feel somewhat better.

Community. Real important stuff.



Don't really have any pictures this time, but do you know what that is on the left? It's a harpsichord, the ancestor of the piano about 400 years ago, AND, they have it in the practice rooms in Uni. The keys that would be white on the modern piano are black on the harpsichord, and the keys that would be black, are white. Cool isn't it?

As of now, I have much time management stuff to sort out. Thank you for reading!

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