The international applicant student journey

Two University of Bath applicants share their experiences as they come to study in the UK for the first time.

Time out (Nishesh Jain)

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I was pretty confused about what I should talk to you about in this blog as a lot has been happening in the last few days. After uploading my first big essay for my module I felt very stress-free and relaxed. Therefore I decided to take a timeout for the weekend (which actually continued through the week too). Tagging along with my friends Agam - young happy go lucky chap; Utkarsh - who wants to know everything and thus gets mocked a lot; Bhavin - a mature student who generally remains quiet; and others, we went for the much anticipated and unarguably the best bond movie – Skyfall. My first cinema experience in UK with a bond movie, can’t ask for more.

Sunday was even more eventful as me, Agam and Utkarsh with some of my other close friends, a mature student but never acts like one - Priyanka, my classmate Malvika and Parul – both self-proclaimed photo queens; went for the Roman Bath tour and the Abbey. It was a very fascinating and beautiful experience to see Roman culture and lifestyle in Bath, their engineering techniques and beliefs and rituals. Being a student of Architecture, I actually spent the whole day there still wanted more time. Later we went to my friends place and cooked a lavish dinner. A day well spent.

Roman Bath tour

The highlight of all the recent events, which is still clear in my mind, is the Scholarship Reception event for international students at the Roman Baths. I was feeling very privileged, proud and fortunate to be there at the baths in the evening (baths are open in evening only on special occasions), meeting the mayor and getting our scholarship certificates. The whole experience was overwhelming.


The timeout is still on with my planned trip to London over the coming weekend before going back to my studies. 

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