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Winter is here! (Joon Yoong Loh)

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It's getting so cold now. When I first arrived, I was rather optimistic about the weather, thinking it still manageable. These last few days, it's been simply freezing, and it's going to get much worse!


Wintry weather
Wintry weather


 Anyways, aside from the weather, this week has been pretty interesting. I was running to be Community Rep in the ISA (International Students' Association), competing against more senior students; asking friends to vote for me, and even made two speeches at lectures! The speeches were really terrifying, and I couldn't sleep the night before. Although it was my first time making a speech in front of over a hundred people, my friends said I didn't look nervous; a great achievement that I am proud of. But anyway, I didn't get the role! Somebody else won! Life goes on, and ahh--at least I tried!

Also, I'm going to be starting Capoeira again! What is that, you ask? Its a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, that originated 400 years ago, and resembles breakdance. The first class was last week, and a little advertising: classes are every Friday, 8pm at the dojo in the STV. Do join, its great fun! Here's a URL for more info?
Also, I'm beginning to get a little bit closer to my housemates; and we even go to church together now! Cooking is getting a bit better too, mainly because I don't need to cook as often these days. This is because:
1. There are buy 1 free 1 deals at the Parade Bar on Monday's and Thursdays
2. I have a friend who cooks fantastic Chinese food
3. I'll be getting a slowcooker soon.

Before I end, 2 random pictures:











The imposing Bath Abbey by night














Celebrated a friend's birthday; surprised him at 12am with a cake and a song!


In the next few weeks, I will be having to study more and more, and yet I hope to be even more active in co-curricular activities. I will be working on debating, taking up Capoeira again, performing a 16 minute piano solo at a recital (hopefully), acting in a play, and hopefully much, much more!

And as for you, dear reader, do enjoy your University life, and may you take full advantage of your position. All the best to you! This would be my last post; I hope you enjoyed reading my blog; do say hi to me if you see brushing past in corridors or whatever, I don't bite!

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