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Two University of Bath applicants share their experiences as they come to study in the UK for the first time.

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A new Chapter

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I sit at my desk now, my bed crowded with stacks of clothing, just as my mind is with thoughts. It's hard to imagine that by this time next week, mum would be alone at home (my parents are split). On my desk lies my half-filled luggage case. I will be flying a week earlier than most freshers, the extra week for seeing London with my dad.

Well, so far I have obtained my visa and settled my medical things (X-ray, vaccination); all that's left is finishing up the packing. All warm clothes and electronic products done; what's left are the things like t-shirts, underwear, and miscellaneous items I'll think of as I pack. My London trip is only half planned; so many places to see! Also - there is another kind of preparation. I will be exposed to a new culture and pine for family and friends; I need to prepare my person for the excitement and sorrows in store!

Ah! - a new chapter.

Joon Yoong Loh


Our bloggers

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Our bloggers are both coming to study in the UK for the first time and starting degree courses at the University of Bath.

They will be sharing their experiences as they embark on an incredible journey!

About Joon Yoong Loh

Joon Yoong Loh

I'm Joon Yoong Loh (people call me Peter), an Accounting and Finance undergraduate student.   I come from Malaysia, and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, the main city.  If there is one thing I'd say about myself, I'd tell you I love classical music more than any other sort.  Though I'm a pianist who started a little too late; and I always enjoy art - be it visual art, plays, musicals or ballet- whenever I have the chance.

About Nishesh Jain


I am a postgraduate student in Architecture and will be studying MSc Architectural Engineering: Environment Design. I am an Indian citizen and I come from New Delhi.