The IPR welcomes contributions from external authors, provided that such contributions meet with the high editorial standards we set, and conform to the preferred style set out by the University of Bath. The blog editor can support contributors in meeting these standards, and exercises final control over the writing and related images published on the blog.

We seek to publish well-developed analyses of policy-relevant subjects from expert authors. Submissions will often draw upon the author’s original research or professional experience, but are expected to move beyond a statement of fact to pursue an argument that relates to policy. For example, a piece detailing the findings of a new study into how claimants access the welfare system would be insufficient – but if the author used this information to make a case for changes to welfare policy, then it may be acceptable.

The wordcount we expect authors to meet is flexible. Posts should aim for a length not less than 800 words, but may run to more than 2,000 words if the scope of the piece justifies this.

If you would like to learn more about publishing with us, or discuss a potential contribution, please contact Amy Thompson.