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Fake email about Webmail

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📥  Phishing, Scams, Security

We have been alerted to an email that has been sent to some users within the University entitled "Account Lock Notice" which states that your webmail account has been locked due to too many login attempts. The links in this email take you to a site that asks for your login details.

This email has not come from us so please don't click on any of these links. If you are concerned about an email you have received you can always email and the security team will verify this for you. We have reported the fake site to Google Safe Browsing.

Read our advice on dealing with phishing emails.


Fake job offer phishing emails to students

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We had had reports of some students being sent emails offering them part time jobs. Please be aware that these are fake and so please do not give out your details or reply. You can forward these to


If you have replied to one of these and given out your details, please log a ticket with the IT Help team  or visit them on level 2 of the library for advice on what to do next. You can read our phishing email advice here.


Many thanks

IT Literacy

Below is an example of the email:

We are offering this part time job placements, even though it could be permanent it however allows you the opportunity of pursuing other goals, you also do not need a professional skill in
doing the job.

We are China base company that offer incorporation services to our clients all over the globe, you can read more about us on our website at

Your job is receiving files and documents of incorporation from our clients who are requesting for our incorporation services in UK.

These documents will be mail to you via (USPS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS OR LOCAL MAIL)

What you do is to keep all documents received safe, then pile all documents received for that week in an envelope and send mail then to us at every Friday of the week.

You will be paid 300 pounds weekly.

ENTITLEMENT: You are entitle to 45 pounds internet bonus monthly.

You will be receiving documents from maximum of 6 clients weekly,depending on the numbers of clients who apply for incorporation services at a particular week.

If this is something that would interest you, kindly email us the information listed below ASAP today so you can get started immediately.

1, NAME:
4, SEX:
5, AGE:

A contract will be signed if all information sent to us by you have been verified.

All emails regarding the job should be sent to this email.

We hope you enjoy working with us.

Best Regards,

Anne Chang




Centrally Managed Mailing Lists


📥  IT disruption

We have now put in place a fix for the problems we were experiencing emailing centrally managed mailing lists (for example @buildings, @courses etc.).

Individuals will now be able to send messages to these lists, however if you wish to send emails to these lists from a shared mailbox please contact us in advance with details of the shared mailbox you wish to use so we can arrange this.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this problem.


Problems emailing centrally managed mailing lists


📥  IT disruption

Monday, 29 June update - this is an intermittent problem.   Please report any issue you are having emailing to mailing lists so we can provide a fix as soon as possible.

We are experiencing problems with users who are trying to send email to centrally managed mailing lists (for example @buildings, @courses etc.). We are urgently working to resolve this problem but in the meantime there is a workaround and your local IT Supporter team will be able to assist those who need to send emails to this particular type of list.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.