MeLT 2 Bid success!

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I found out today that my recent submission to the TDF (Teaching Development Fund) was successful. The MeLT 2 project builds upon the previous years work for MeLT 1, which has involved the development of the Timetable app, and various templates for delivery of lecture slides, quizzes, videos etc in apps for Teaching and Learning.

A major component of MeLT 2 is the production of an App-Factory that will enable staff at the University to easily create an app for their students. In addition:

The project involves a close collaboration with Web-Services and the e-Learning team to develop the procedures required for App roll-out by the University to both Private and Public App-Stores.

Since the Library and Students Union are also involved with the bid, there is wide range of university departments represented in MeLT2.  The  project can be regarded as proof-of-concept for rolling out apps and represents a strategic development for the University.

Thanks to everyone that has helped with the bid.

For further information:

MeLT2 TDF Bid Summary

Posted in: App Factory, App-Store, Apps, Mobile, Strategy


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