Rise of Windows Phone?

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I try to keep an eye on the latest statistics for mobile phones, with a view to delivering apps for the most commonly available mobile operating systems. This is usually restricted to Android and iOS. With a take-up of around 2 or 3% Windows Phone has been largely discounted (see StatCounter on http://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_os-GB-monthly-201206-201306)

However, last Friday, an app that I created was tested with secondary school students from Ralph Allen school. The app itself was intended for prospective students thinking of studying Physics at Bath:


The predominance of Windows phone was startling:

iOS: 36%
Blackberry: 7%
Windows: 43%

This is very different to what I expected using the UK data from StatCounter:

iOS: 46%
Blackberry: 20%
Windows: 3%

I hope this is just a blip due to the small sample size (n=14) or demographic group. However, I have met quite a few people recently with a Window Phone that say they really like the phone, and would not consider using another.

For myself, I am ambivalent about the hardware platform and don’t have a strong preference for any of the main mobile operating systems. However, having another platform to support  is a bit of a pain from a development view-point. Previously, it looked like Android and iOS were the main contenders. Although I am hoping this is just a blip, it is just possible that there is something else going-on, and this is a wake-up call. In the future I may be looking to deliver to 3 platforms rather than 2.

For further information about the Physics App, please see:


Some screendumps from the Physics App:

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