Infrared Photos of the University

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I was looking for some photos to use as a background for an android app that I am creating for prospective students, and came across these infrared photos. These were taken about 5 years ago in Spring when the campus was green and verdant.  They were mostly taken in the environs of the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, but there are also some taken around the lake. With infrared the bright green leaves show as brilliant white. Absolutely amazing - all credit to Dr. Andy Thompson who took the photos and who has given me permission to use them here:

100_0028 (2) 100_0030 (2) 100_0034 (2) 100_0035 (2) 100_0037 (2) 100_0038 (2) 100_0039 100_0041 (2) 100_0043 (2) 100_0044 100_0046 100_0049

Posted in: Photos


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