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Reflecting on the excellent LITEbox Copyright event yesterday, I wanted to provide some succinct guidelines for academics regarding copyright and the use of third-party materials. Many thanks to Lisa Slater, Legal Adviser, for her comments and advice. For further details about copyright please see


  • Academics own the copyright in their scholarly materials such as lecture slides and publications
  • The university has a licence to use these materials (see IP policy for detail)

Using Third-party materials

When used internally within the University by students, third-party materials incorporated inside an academic’s materials are unlikely to entail substantial risk, and we can very often rely on an educational exception or ‘fair-use’ provided that

  • the amount taken is reasonable
  • proper attribution is included (e.g. a Harvard type reference)

When third party materials are included inside an academic’s materials that are available externally to the university then the risk of infringement is substantially higher. Examples include publishing on a web-site, blogs, a post on Facebook or slides that are published on a conference web-site.

The safest and risk-free way to licence third party materials is to go through the library, or AV for video oriented issues such as using BOB.

Extracts from books:

Using extracts or images from publications such as books and journals require that you scan/obtain the copies though the library to meet the terms of the CLA licence administered by the library. The library can be contacted on:

Hosting behind SSO (Single Sign On)

Any risk of infringement action is reduced by hosting material that is restricted by the university single-sign-on. This includes Moodle and the Wiki.

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