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In the Kelsh lab, we are interested in understanding two fundamental questions of developmental and stem cell biology:

  1. Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs) - How does GRN topology result in the specification and stable differentiation of distinct cell-types from multipotent progenitors?
  2. Pigment pattern formation - How are pigment cell patterns generated?

Our model system of choice is the neural crest (stem) cell, especially the pigment cell derivatives, in the zebrafish, chosen because this combination of model organism and stem cell type offers excellent genetics, superb in vivo imaging of mutant phenotypes, and a rapidity of experimental approaches allowing iterative cycles of experimental genetics and mathematical modelling, permitting a systems biology approach.

These studies, in turn, have lead us into modelling human congenital diseases (pigment cell phenotypes are prominent in a wide range of these), developing transgenic tools for examining stem cell development in vivo, and using the zebrafish for medium-throughput small molecule (drug) screens, both as means to developing tools for developmental and stem cell biology, and as screens for lead compounds for therapeutic purposes.

Details of current and future projects are described in the links.

Current lab members

Professor Robert Kelsh


Professor of Stem Cell and Developmental Genetics - 4 South 0.63

Also here: Prof Robert Kelsh


Dr Tatiana Subkhankulova



Dr Yusuke Nagao

Dr Yusuke Nagao


Dr Júlia Baptista

Julia Baptista

Anne Gesell


Alberto Lapedriza


Brigite Simões Rodrigues

Research Assistant

Kleio Petratou

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Karen Camargo Sosa


Marc Shedden



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