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tba Videoconferencing and higher education teaching in social sciences classrooms
Dr Wali Aslam
2 February 2017 Transforming Assessment and Curricula in HE
Dr Alex Buckley, University of Strathclyde;
Dr Jan McArthur, Lancaster University;
Lisa O'Regan & Morag Munro, Maynooth University;
Victoria Jack, University of York,
Dr Colin Milligan, Glasgow Caledonian University;
Ms Ourania Maria Ventista, Durham University;
Professor Kay Sambell, Edinburgh Napier University;
Professor Jane Rand, York St John University.
More details are here: here!

Previous events

Exploring augmented reality
Dr John Troyer, Lyn Hanning, Nick Haddington, Dr Richard JoinerJanuary 2016



Lisa Slater, Caroline Brooks, Abel & Imray, and Simon Clegg, Battens Solicitors, Claire Tylee, Hannah South, Rob Hyde
April 2016
Making the most of student authored online presentations
Dr Rita Chawla-Duggan, Dr Felia Allum, Geraldine Jones
April 2016
Moodle for summative assessments to reduce marking time, minimise selective learning, and provide timely feedback
Dr Momna Hejmadi
April 2016
Peer evaluation: Moodle Workshop Tool and Web PA
Dr Richard Kamm, Jeff Barrie
March 2016
Using tablets and other technology in research-inspired teaching
Dr Kit Yates
March 2016
Managing your online profile
Students' Union
March 2016
5x5: Technology showcase
Tim Lawrenson, Keith Brown, Rob Hyde & Dr Alan Hayes, Dr Robin Shields
February 2016
Improve your presentation skills
Students' Union
February 2016
Audience response systems: reasons and uses for them
Dr Richard Joiner
December 2015
Flipped teaching toolkit for a quantitative module
Dr Aydin Nassehi
November 2015
Blogging is for pros: a guide to successful blogging
Ross Ferguson
November 2015
Using web-conferencing to support large cohort teaching, group work, and students at a distance
Dr Andrea Taylor, Rachel Applegate, Sue Lewis
November 2015
Using online multimedia message walls to encourage participation
Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb
November 2015
LITEbox at the Academic rep conference
Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb, Sarah Turpin
October 2015
Lessons from the Universe: technology in research
Professor Carole Mundell
October 2015
Technology panel debate
Chair: Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching)
October 2015
Videoconferencing and innovative teaching in social sciences classrooms to gain experiences from individuals around the world
Dr Wali Aslam
July 2015
Embedding ‘serious’ games in the curriculum: an aide to active learning?
Dr Hannah Durrant
July 2015
Riddle me this: What is a technology?
Dr John Troyer
July 2015
Using Moodle for double blind marking – good for students and academics?
Dr Steve Cayzer
June 2015
Using e-portfolios to enhance the student experience
Nitin Parmar
May 2015
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