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Student Trainers using LITEbox space


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Student Trainers from the Students' Union (SU) Skills Training have recently taken the opportunity to make use of 8 West 1.28, one of the designated LITEbox spaces to promote their sessions to the wider student community. In preparation for using the LITEbox space for their first Skills Training session on 'Managing your Online Profile' on Thursday 5 November 2015, the Student Trainers used the space to record some promotional videos.

As well as recording their videos, the Student Trainers were also shown the room and how to make the most of the available technology for their upcoming sessions by members of the University's Audio Visual Unit.

Ian Robinson, Chief Executive, Students' Union said:

"I am delighted that our Student Trainers are engaging with LITEbox spaces and finding ways of introducing and using the technologies available to them. The SU is actively involved in the LITEbox initiative with both SU staff and student representatives on the project team. Through the introduction of these facilities, our Trainers will be able to run sessions in more interesting and engaging ways as well as to consider how to equip the student community with increased IT skills for their future lives and employability."

Students are encouraged to check the Skills Training workshops and events to find topics of interests and sign up for the 'Managing your online profile' event before spaces fill up.

8 West 1.28 comprises six workstation which enable six people to sit around a table and connect their personal devices to a large screen which can be seen by everyone. There is also a separate workstation for the lecturer or trainer to use. Students are increasingly booking individual workstations in this LITEbox space enabling them to work on projects and group work on shared tasks such as proof reading group reports, inputting data into Excel spreadsheets and sharing ideas.

Students can book workstations via workstation bookings and selecting ****[Workstation] for 8W 1.28.


Carlos De Malachias, a Student Trainer, recording a video in 8 West 1.28.


LITEbox Event: Using online multimedia message walls to encourage participation

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📥  LITEbox Event

This event has now ended, please view a write up with a comparison and instructions on embedding these walls into Moodle

Online forums offer a way of enhancing student engagement by exchanging ideas and questions. Yet, the problems associated with encouraging and supporting student participation remain. This interactive LITEbox workshop seeks to explore:

  1. Whether new, freely available online multimedia message walls such as Linoit and Padlet address any of the perceived short comings of forums
  2. How new, freely available online multimedia message walls such as Linoit and Padlet can offer alternative ways of collating students' thoughts, ideas and questions to stimulate learning and feedback.

Before the workshop we invite you to watch this short video of staff reflecting on their utilisation of Linoit and Padlet and share your experiences, insights, concerns or queries on our specially designed multimedia walls where we will discuss the key issues as part of the workshop on the boards:

We will also use the workshop to develop a community of practice whereby participants share their ideas and work together to design learning activities that embed online multimedia message walls in order to overcome identified pedagogic problems and/or ensure students' learning needs are met.

Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb will convene this workshop. Jess is a Lecturer in sport and physical culture whose research draws from the discipline of feminist physical cultural studies, to explore the contested politics of the (in)active body in relation to health, body size, appearance, gender, social class, race, (dis)ability across the lifespan. She is keen to explore and innovate with new and existing technologies in her teaching, even if they aren't a guaranteed success.

LinoIt board being used for this session

LinoIt board being used for this session


e-Learning Seminars


📥  Linked Event

In conjunction with the e-Learning team, Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO), we are pleased to announce four new events in our LITEbox spaces.

This series will include workshops and seminars across a variety of disciplines, from enhancing Moodle courses and inspiring innovation to digital assessment tools and techniques. Harnessing the expertise and specialisms within the institution, workshops will be facilitated by the e-Learning team whilst also drawing on the skills and expertise of academics and practitioners at the forefront of e-Learning technology.

Below are descriptions or each event, also available from e-Learning.

For more information or to reserve a space, please email Dan White, e-Learning Administrator.


Linked Event: Improve your presentation skills


📥  Linked Event, Students' Union

Employability skills training: Improve your presentation skills (Students' Union)

Date: Thursday 26 November 2015
Time: 18:15 - 19:45
Venue: 8W 1.28

Sign up to the event

Skills Training Logo

Have you ever experienced an engaging presentation which left a lasting memory? Did you wonder if you could do the same in front of an audience? Being able to deliver an effective presentation is a valued skill in the workplace and can really boost your confidence. Come along to this session, delivered by our Student Trainers, to gain practical skills on designing effective PowerPoint slides and crafting your presentation. You will then be given the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice.

Previous participants have said:

  • "I will use my new skills in my next presentation; using customised visual aids"
  • "Really useful for my future presentations and assessment centres"

If you would like to improve your blogging skills, come out our next event, linked event with the Students' Union on 17 November 2015.


LITEbox: Lessons from the Universe


📥  LITEbox Event

Date: Friday 23 October 2015
Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Venue: 8 West 2.5

This event has now happened. An event review including full recording is available to view.

On Friday 23 October, world-leading Astrophysicist, Carole Mundell, one of the University’s most recently appointed professors, will share her ‘Lessons from the Universe’ with us as part of this semester’s LITEbox programme of events. Alongside her colleagues in the Department of Physics, Professor Mundell is establishing a new Astrophysics research group and undergraduate Physics with Astrophysics programme.

All staff and students are welcome to attend this event which will take place from 12.30pm to 1.30pm in 8 West 2.5. Places will be limited by space so please register your attendance by emailing the LITEbox team.

Professor Mundell is an observational astrophysicist who specialises in cosmic explosions driven by supermassive black holes that lie at the hearts of galaxies and Gamma Ray Bursts, and her presentation will take us on a journey through her experiences of the research-teaching nexus. This journey will explore and highlight the particular role that new and existing technologies play in Professor Mundell’s research. She will introduce the world of autonomous robotic telescopes, real-time astrophysics and the challenges of a new era of ‘big data’ in time-domain science.

Highly committed to the delivery of research-enriched teaching and the significant role technology can play, Professor Mundell said:

“I am delighted to participate in the LITEbox initiative as this provides us with opportunities to learn and share ideas – what does and does not work – across the institution. Technology plays a key role in all our lives; astrophysics catches the public imagination and research at the cutting-edge allows us to inspire the next generation of innovators.”

Supporting these latest new developments in the Department of Physics, Professor Jonathan Knight, himself a leading Physicist and founding member of the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials and recently appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), expressed his own keen interest in the role technology has to play in both teaching and research.

Professor Knight said:

“My own interests lie in how modern technology enables us to do all sorts of things that would have been completely unthinkable just a few short years ago. This approach enables us to do fundamental research but using the latest high-tech infrastructure. I am delighted that Professor Mundell has joined us. She shares our vision of exploring and exploiting new and existing technologies to maximum effect, and this is as true in teaching as in research. I am greatly looking forward to this LITEbox session and hope staff will be able to attend.”

Read more about Professor Carole Mundell and find out more about LITEbox.

Carole Mundell, photograph by Max Alexander

Carole Mundell
photograph by Max Alexander

Further information email LITEbox.


LITEbox/Students' Union Event: Blogging is for pros

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📥  Linked Event, LITEbox Event, Students' Union

Date: Tuesday 17 November 2015
Time: 6.15pm - 7.45pm
Venue: CB 5.13

There are a few spaces reserved on the door, so please turn up if you would like to attend.

Whether marketing new products, showing customers behind-the-scenes to build trust, or keeping your workforce informed, blogging is a mainstay of corporate communications. While anyone can start a blog, not everyone can make a success of it, and blogging skills are a much sought after commodity by employers.

In this session, the different uses of blogging in a corporate context will be explored and some best practice tips for blogging success will be shared using real-world examples of what works. Subjects will include content design, editing, engaging with audiences, and evaluation. This session is about communication principles, platforms and skills needed by everyone from technologists to generalists. These are timeless ways of thinking about communication with everyday applications.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to identify different types of blogging used in a corporate communications context, understand the skills required to manage a blog, and set objectives for an effective corporate blog.

Ross Ferguson is currently Head of Digital for the University of Bath, and formerly Product Manager for the Foreign & Commonwealth blog platform and author of blogging and social media guidance for UK Civil Service.


LITEbox Event: A flipped teaching toolkit for a quantitative module

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📥  LITEbox Event

A flipped teaching toolkit for a quantitative module (a digitising tablet, screen capture and an audience participation system)

Date: Wednesday 18 November 2015
Time: 12.45pm - 13.45pm
Venue: CB 5.13

Please send an email RSVP to to register your interest.

If you are thinking about 'just-in-time' lecturing for flipped teaching, adding interactivity to your class or, trying self-paced instruction through virtual learning environments, this session may be of interest to you. In this session, innovative e-learning technologies will be showcased that can significantly enhance your teaching practice and student engagement.

Specifically, this session will look at the ways in which interactive learning environments can be created through: the integration of virtual learning environments such as Moodle; audience participation systems; and simple software packages.

Dr Aydin Nassehi is a Mary Tasker award-winning Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His area of expertise is manufacturing; a topic that is often challenging and unpopular with Mechanical Engineering students.

Watch a short video which Aydin has produced himself on the challenges faced when teaching manufacturing to second year students:

Flipped teaching

Extract from Dr Nassehi's video


Are you interested in any other LITEbox events? Register your interest with us to keep informed.


Linked Event: Managing your online profile


📥  Linked Event, Students' Union

Employability skills training: Managing your online profile (Students' Union)

Date: Thursday 3 December 2015
Time: 18:15 - 19:45
Venue: 8W 1.28

Sign up to the event

Skills Training Logo

Ever wondered how to avoid the pitfalls of being too "exposed" online? Or wanted to learn about how to profile yourself better through websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Through attending this workshop, you will learn how to showcase your talents in the best possible way, as well as considering the scale of your digital footprint – and the impact of this when you start job hunting.

At the end of this session you should be able to distinguish between online professional and social identities, use social media effectively to present a professional online identity and learn how to identify and manage your online digital identity.

Did you know that the Students' Union also provides various technology related skills training including Microsoft Word, Excel and Access?  Have a look for yourself to see what is on offer.


LITEbox for students


📥  Students' Union

LITEbox logo colour

Whether you are a new student joining the University of Bath this year, or returning student, the LITEbox initiative may be a new concept to you.  If a technology is being used somewhere else on campus to provide a more interesting learning experience, you would want to know about it, wouldn't you? This is where LITEbox comes in.

LITEbox aims to provide a physical and virtual space enabling students and staff to share, learn and develop by using new and innovative technologies in order to provide skills development and share knowledge. A full description of LITEbox's aims can be found here.

Follow us on Twitter @LITEboxBath

The physical space currently consists of two rooms, which are detailed in this blog post, including how to book rooms for group work sessions.

8W 1.28 is a group learning and teaching space equipped with workstations and large digital screens around each table to assist with groupwork. The room can be booked by students in 1-2 hour slots per workstation via workstation bookings and selecting the ****[Workstation] option.

New facility in use for workshops and group discussions.

8W 1.28 facility for group working, workshops and group discussions.

Skills training in the Students' Union will be using this room for some of their sessions, run by trained student skills trainers, to enable a more interactive experience.

Students' thoughts on being taught in the LITEbox space 8W 1.28

Throughout the year LITEbox will also run a series of events where staff and students are encouraged to share technology which they use in an educational environment in order to assist teaching and education. Each event can be hosted by anyone who wishes to contribute to the LITEbox initiative, and does not have to follow a fixed style of a one hour presentation or workshop.

The virtual space is currently this blog, which provides:

  • information relating to LITEbox
  • details of upcoming events which to share technologies or discuss technology
  • write ups of past events with information to learn from, some including panopto recordings
  • a method to share ideas and comments which do not require an event
  • promotion of technology related support services on campus

All technology related shared through LITEbox is contributed by students and staff at the University, so if you use a technology in a way which you think is unique or interesting and would like to share with others get in touch at If you have any thoughts on anything LITEbox has shared, please leave a comment on the relevant blog post or send an email.


New Pro-Vice-Chancellor chairs LITEbox Technology Debate

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📥  LITEbox Event

Date: Thursday 15 October 2015
Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Venue: 8 West 2.5

This event has happened and now has a write up including recording of the event.

The first LITEbox event of this semester starts with Professor Peter Lambert, the University’s new Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), chairing a panel debate and round-table discussion about learning technologies on Thursday 15 October 2015 from 12.30pm to 1.30pm in 8 West 2.5. All staff are invited to attend.

This event will explore the role of new and existing technologies within three key themes and consider a number of questions. These are:

  • Research-enriched teaching
  • External links and profile
  • Quality and efficiency

Invited panel members for this event will include Dr Emma Rich, Reader, Department for Health; Dr Julie Letchford, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology; Dr John Troyer, Department for Policy & Social Sciences; and Dr Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou, Head of e-Learning.

Professor Peter Lambert,  Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching)

Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching)

A keen supporter of the Alumni-funded LITEbox initiative, Professor Peter Lambert said:

“I am delighted to be chairing this event on behalf of the LITEbox team. I believe that developing the University’s use and take-up of new and existing technologies to support the key areas of our teaching and learning is an important aspect of my new role.

"This event is an excellent opportunity to both stimulate discussion, share ideas and gain input from staff to help inform our new Education Strategy for 2016 and beyond. I would encourage all staff with an interest in developing their teaching to attend.”

Are you interested in any other LITEbox events?