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Project Team

Project Leaders

Rob Hyde, Service Manager, Audio Visual (AV), Project Manager
Dr Emma Rich, Reader, Department for Health. Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award Winner 2014
Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb, Lecturer, Department for Health
Sarah Turpin, Head of Academic Resources, Skills Centre

Project Team

Anna Bucknell, Skills Training Administrator, Students' Union
Dr Aydin Nassehi, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Paul Pinkney, e-Learning Development Officer, School of Management
Sacha Goodwin, AV Operations Manager (Services)
Tony Roath, Senior Lecturer, School of Management
Catherine Haines, Student Experience Officer, Faculty of Science
Eliza Shaw, Student Experience Officer, School of Management
Ed Stevens, Public Engagement Officer, Marketing & Communications
Dr Giles Martin, Course Director, Bath Course, Academic Staff
Geraldine Jones, e-Learning Officer, Faculty of Humanities & Social Science
Helen Featherstone, Head of Public Engagement, Marketing & Communications
Dr Julie Letchford, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Jenny Medland, Student Experience Officer, Faculty of Humanities & Social Science
Kevin Renfrew, Technology Enhanced Learning Officer, Academic Skills Centre
Katy Jordan, HSS Faculty Librarian
Keith Brown, e-Learning & Technology Development Officer, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Laura Stubbs, Student Experience Officer, School of Management
Maithili Jayanthi, Student Trainer, Students' Union (MEng Chemical Engineering UG 3nd Year)
Marie Salter, e-Developments Manager, LTEO
Rachel Applegate, Technology Enhanced Learning Support Officer, Faculty of Engineering
Dr Richard Joiner, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology
Becky Gallagher, Student Development Manager (Joblink and Skills Training), Students' Union
Sarah Stead, Student Experience Officer, Faculty of Engineering & Design
Dr Stephanie Merchant, Lecturer, Department for Health
Sam Ollason, Student Trainer, Students' Union (BSc Mathematics UG 3nd Year)
Sam Wratten, LITEbox Officer (PhD Research Programme in Psychology)
Dr Tracey Madden, Educational Technologist, Faculty of Engineering
Yvonne Moore, Technology Enhanced Learning Development Officer, Faculty of Engineering

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