Santander Technology Fund- Next deadline 28th February 2018!



Santander have teamed up with LITEbox and the University of Bath to offer a £10,000 fund for innovative and inclusive ideas to facilitate progression in teaching and learning in and around the University. Before you apply, please read the following information:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Both Staff and Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) are encouraged to apply for the fund
  • Projects must be between £1000-£5000 in total
  • Duration of projects can be up to two years
  • It is recommended that the project incorporates some form of Staff-Student collaboration
  • Any successful bids for equipment are based upon an agreement that the equipment becomes part of the LITEBox Digital Playground upon project completion.
  • Successful applicants will further be asked to contribute to the LITEBox community through seminars, blog posts and/or "cafe style" introductory/dissemination events. Santander may also contact the applicant for personal information, and an impact report to understand the outcomes and impact generated from the project will be required.

Topic Areas:

There are certain topic areas the applications should fall under.

Personal Development:
These projects are focused on developing individual learning and teaching experiences, including whilst on placement. For instance, how is your project contributing to the development of a range of skills including but not limited to: public engagement opportunities, final year projects, PhD projects, group work.

Example: 3D Printer Project
Application for 3D printer to create prototype concept for automotive part that would allow a more flexible door opening operation in line with current state of the art and research project.

  • Request amount £800
  • Legacy - 3D printer stays with University for future projects

Program Specific
These projects are focused on developing programs of study. For instance, projects can be focused on overcoming a challenge experienced on your course or enhancing existing good practice.

Example: Belbin Test
Developing an app to take the Belbin Test. The Belbin Test is often used to create a diverse multi-functional group. This grouping system could be used within our Software Engineering module, following issues in team compatibility, to better formulate teams and assess the potential in working relationships.

  • Request amount: £2000
  • Legacy – Working app in Android and Apple Store for anyone to create groups based on person’s personality

Development of Learning and Teaching Across the University
These projects are focused on enhancing the broader learning, teaching and research environment.

Example: Interactive voting technology
Development of an interactive voting and communication system within lectures, coupled with class quizzes to enable a more interactive learning experience.

  • Request amount: £1500
  • Legacy - Interactive system could be implemented across multiple departments.

Application Deadlines:

Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. If you miss the deadline, the application will be considered at the next round. The application deadlines are as follows:

Round 2 - 28th February 2018

To Apply:

Please download and complete the following application form and send a PDF version to with your application attached:

Application Form
Application Form (Word)  (this will take you to Google Drive to download the document as MSWord).

For advice or guidance on Bid-Writing contact Sarah Williment

Read more about the last round of funding here.