A Perkin Elmer Frontier FTIR instrument


📥  Analysis

A Perkin Elmer Frontier FTIR instrument, now available for use in MAS, is equipped with a Diamond ATR head, a DRIFT attachment for powders, and gas and transmission cells.

The Frontier FTIR is a bench top instrument with automated range switching and mid-near-or far-IR techniques. An exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and photometric performance assures optimal spectral performance to ensure excellent sensitivity.  Typical investigations carried out with this instrument are:

  • Troubleshooting  manufacturing problems
  • Identifying product contaminants.
  • Confirming the quality of materials.

With pharmaceutical samples investigations may be:

  • To gain deeper understanding of product formulations. 
  • Rapidly screening the quality of raw materials, intermediates and formulated products.
  • Analyzing  packaging and package coatings.

See a Perkin Elmer video at:

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