Introduction to MAS Facilities

📥  Analysis, Bioimaging, Electron Microscopy

Wednesday 3rd December 2014   14:15-16:00 - 6E 2.2
Presentations by MAS staff outlining the microscopy and analytical facilities available to University of Bath researchers, postgraduate students and undergraduate project students in the Microscopy & Analysis Suite.

Topics including:

  • Introduction to MAS - new booking system, training, conference.
  • Bioimaging facilities - confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, and high content microscopy.
  • SEM, FESEM, TEM and X-ray analysis with hard/soft materials, biological materials, ploymers and gels.
  • Raman Microscopy and FTIR with solid samples, powders and liquids.

Email Ursula Potter ( to sign up.

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