High content imaging and analysis (HCA)

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📥  Analysis, Bioimaging

HCA combines cell biology with automated microscopy and data evaluation. For example information on a cellular event is acquired spatially and temporally and then automatically quantified. Spatially resolved instruments are typically automated microscopes, and temporal resolution requires some form of fluorescence measurement. Many HCA instruments are (fluorescence) microscopes connected to an image analysis package.

The GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 2000 recently installed in MAS may be used for the detailed study of cellular mechanisms and interactions in multiple samples, for example, studying whether cell division, motility, or protein entry is affected when cells are exposed to external stimuli such as chemical inhibitors. Information generated using HCA is highly valuable in the study of complex diseases. In drug discovery research, the throughput gained using HCA makes it a valuable technology for drug target identification.

The GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 2000 features include:

  • A flexible, modular, lamp based cellular and subcellular imaging system.
  • Automated imaging in fixed and live cells.
  • High performance hardware and state of the art software for cell analysis.

The  IN Cell Analyzer 2000 HCA is housed in its own room in MAS (2.14) and an analysis workstation is also available.


New Analysis Instruments

📥  Analysis, Bioimaging

Three new analysis instruments have just been installed in MAS:

  • A Perkin Elmer Frontier FTIR instrument
  • A Renishaw inVia Raman Microscope
  • A GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 2000 (High Content Microscope)

Contact MAS staff for training on the instruments - this is required before users can book the instruments themselves.

See further posts for details of each instrument!


MAS Has A New Website


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Mas has a new website detailing all the equipment housed in the suite. Information can be found on booking instruments and how you can be trained to use them. 

There is a short video on the front page showing various instruments in use by staff and researchers.  

Have a look at the lovely examples of research images taken in MAS!

Links to the booking system and the new blog are on the front page.


Information for the 2013 Microscopy & Analysis Conference will be posted as soon as it is finalised!