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Last Session

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Finished testing the fixes made to questions in response to 1st year feedback. I also managed to fix a few errors in the thermodynamics questions using the answer booklet. As this is probably my last session I've uploaded all my PHP files and XML files, and have also zipped my public_html folder and added it to Moodle.

I've enjoyed my time on the project and it has been valuable experience doing some programming - and helping next year's undergraduates with their maths skills. Before I leave permanently I have a few suggestions if the project continues next year:

Peer review of questions: getting everyone to test questions as we go would reduce obvious errors like missing hints/feedback/typos. It was a lot easier modifying mistakes for recent questions than coming back to something that was done 6 months ago.

MathJax: developing a function that transforms a mathematical string e.g. 5.5 mol^-1 into the correct MathJax would be very helpful. A fair amount of my time was spent debugging errors in MathJax syntax, along with PHP syntax errors caused by the % wildcard.

PHP templates: I found my PHP template for a question immensely useful as it meant all I had to do was modify one function and a few variables, rather than manually editing XML in fprintf calls. It would be good to use something like this as standard as it would be much easier to understand code written by different people.

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