Randomised e-quiz development

Automatically marked maths e-quizzes for Chemists and Biochemists


This blog contains the outputs of a project run 2013-2014 at the University of Bath, funded by their Teaching Development Fund.

The aim of the project was to generate large banks of applied numeracy Moodle questions to support the teaching of basic maths in Biochemistry and Chemistry. Using expertise from the University of Exeter, we trained students to use the programming language PHP to create questions with randomised numbers . These automated questions, although used in conjunction with traditional workshops, allow students to practice question types repeatedly with immediate feedback on their progress. The ability to ask students different variations on the same questions also means that these questions can be used for completely aligned small stakes formative and summative assessment. Although this project is aimed at supporting maths specifically within Biochemistry and Chemistry at the University of Bath, we are making them publicly available as some of them may be useful to others. You can download either the XML files (containing the questions) to upload to Moodle, or the PHP files which you can adapt to write your own XML. We provide a tutorial booklet on how to use both sets of files. Most of the files have most of the formatting created in LATEX compatible with the MathsJax plugin for Moodle. This allows the questions (including the maths expressions) to be formatted as text on the screen and therefore  accessible to students with a range of disabilities.

Project Team

Hazel Corradi (Biology and Biochemistry)

Steve Parker (Chemistry)

Barrie Cooper (University of Exeter, Maths)

Emma Cliffe (Mathematics and Statistics Support -MASH)


Student programmers:

Beth Glaisyer, Jamie Lynch, Alan Osborne, Oli Stark, Daniel Wotton,