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Spent the day editing some of the questions I have already done, I was unsure as to what I should do for some of the questions however.



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Completed two more kinetics questions that work very well, have also almost completed a third to do with half lives, sadly though I got kicked out of 3S and the computers in the library seem to be struggling with what I need, thankfully though I did complete my 3 hours before being removed.



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Finished a question on the Arrhenius equation, had multiple difficulties with it so sadly couldnt complete as much as i wanted to today.

Still ive set up the ground work for the next question in my kinetics category and this one should be a lot easier to put together.



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Finished a chemical kinetics question on zeroth order reactions and another simple pH question involving conversion from pOH to pH.

Had to do my work on Monday instead of Wednesday sadly as I have had another very busy Wednesday.

I have also begun notes on a kinetics question involving the Arrhenius equation.



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Came in at 9am and worked till 12 as I have a very busy evening. Completed a differential question, another pH question and a am half way through a zeroth order reaction question.



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Nearly finished another integration equation, unfortunately I was having some troubles with it but it is nearly done now. All i need to do is set the answer to be to the nearest whole number and it will be ready for upload.

Next week i will looks at pH questions and more rate equations this time involving zeroth order rate equations and the Arrhenius law



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Started at 12.30 so am leaving at 3.30

Uploaded the question I worked on last week having repaired any mistakes that i made. Uploaded a second differential question which needs to be solved a different way and involving insects.

I am now working on another differential looking at the rate of decay of bacteria with an applied pathogen.



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Uploaded a completed question involving solving differentials using caffeine as an example.

Came up with another real life example of solving differentials by using rate laws and solving a first order rate law applicable to an SN1 reaction of (CH3)3C-Br + H2O.

Enjoying doing this question so far, its not too complicated and is very very important to chemists, I am glad for the refresher myself. But the solution is quite long and hence writing the feedback is taking a while. However it is nearly done and just needs brushing up for uploading next week.

After this I will look at doing something similar for a second order reaction.



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Gave up on the integration by parts second question. It was taking way too long and wasting a lot of time. Uploaded my first one that was successful however and I have now almost completed a 'solving differential' question thanks to the example Hazel gave me. I am annoyed at how much time ive wasted. I think I am going to try sticking with slightly easier questions from here on.