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20/11/2013 Tidying Up

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Finished adjusting all questions to make them presentable. Unfortunately i learned that i had been putting in logs wrong for some of my earlier questions. I quickly changed them so that the answers where actually correct. While adjusting things i found a recurring bug had reappeared in one of my files and i could not upload it to moodle. I sent this file to Hazel to see if it can be fixed like last time.

I also completed and uploaded a new pH question.


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If you're sick of typing filenames into the terminal, you can batch run commands in bash.
for file in *;do php $file;done
(runs on every file in the directory - make sure it only contains working php files and no xml etc. You could easily write something to run only what you want, but I was lazy)

I'm almost ready to upload what I've got, but there's a bit of tweaking left.

Tidying Up

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Tidied up all questions so far to make them compliant with MathJax, and wrote hints/generic feedback for each one. Also got some work done on normal distribution so it should be possible to start looking at constructing statistics tables and questions next session.



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Wrote questions for two more equations, both relating to Gibbs free energy. This involved using natural logarithms, and so one variable was required to be randomised in a logarithmic scale. Learnt the LaTeX for this and for writing out the formula.



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Added a couple more questions onto moodle. About to put on another question on however im having problems because the answers vary dramatically and use really small numbers. The numbers are fine but i have no idea how to make them answerable in moodle when the answer involves 10^(-something)


6/11/13 Sum notation

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Had a go at using arrays to randomise limits for some sum notation questions. The hard part was finding the right function for doing operations on elements from more than one array and putting those into a new array.
It's probably useful for randomising parameters in other questions, such as integration.


Normal Distribution

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Implemented the Box-Muller Transform method to create a function that generates random numbers from a normal distribution. This will allow for population data for statistics questions to appear more realistic, which I should get started on next week (along with checking Mathjax compliance in existing questions).


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So far I have created the following questions; pressure conversion (Pa->Bar), pressure conversion (atm->Pa), temperature conversion (C->K), energy conversion (J->nJ), change in entropy and volume conversion (ml->dm3).


Week 4

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Altered the code from last week to include MathJax-allowed characters instead of ascii. It took a while to familiarise myself with the LaTeX but did manage to get it to work, and uploaded the three questions again, with the altered code.