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Automatically marked maths e-quizzes for Chemists and Biochemists

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First Day

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We learnt how Moodle quizzes & questions work, and how to import/export them to XML. Exporting allows for the XML to be edited manually. We constructed a short PHP script to generate random questions in the Moodle XML format, and then uploaded the results to moodle. The question was a simple molar concentration calculation.

All went well apart from an issue with X Server, which prevented gedit from working!


09/10/2013 Session

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In today's session we have worked on randomising questions for first year students using the topic unit conversions. This is a basic tool for chemists which is essential throughout the first year of studies. Other topics which we have discussed which we intend on formalising more question for are:


09/10/13 Session

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In todays sesson we worked through how to genreate a randomised bank of questions using gedit and importing them onto moodle to create a quiz. Also we discussed possible topics to focus on in future such as thermodynamics and enzymoogy and practiced the techniques learned with a basic example with the intentions of building up to generating more complex mathematical questions. This will hopefully use more programming techniques.


first day

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Today we went over a PHP template, and used it to create randomly generated simple concentration calculation questions in XML, before using them to build a Moodle quiz