Randomised e-quiz development

Automatically marked maths e-quizzes for Chemists and Biochemists

Files for download.

Using our questions

Each question, comes as a set of 100 questions of the same type, but with different variables. These questions are stored within one XML file, which has the same name as the question folder in Moodle, and the PHP file from which it was created. Each question name has a unique identifier at the end, to make it easy to list files that you will want when browsing.

To decide if you would like to use any of our sets of questions, please consult the Question list (Questionlistforweb.xlsx), which includes the file names and corresponding question text. This can be found at:


How to upload the XML into Moodle and set up the quizzes, forms the first part of the tutorial booklet (Introductionandtutorial.pdf), which is also found in the above folder.

Individual XML files or a zip file of all of them (allxml.7z)  can be downloaded from the following folder (right click and save link as):


Creating your own questions

To create your own randomised question banks, please consult our tutorial booklet. This is found at:



Individual PHP files or a zip file of all of them (allphp.7z) can be downloaded from



These files were last updated 1/5/15 and to the best of our knowledge, correct and functioning. If you have any problems with access or spot any issues with the files themselves please email bsphre@bath.ac.uk.