Randomised e-quiz development

Automatically marked maths e-quizzes for Chemists and Biochemists


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Continued to convert questions from the Quantitative Lab Skills booklet into randomised questions. Also tidied up filing system, uploaded some PHP/XML files to moodle, and created a word document to show what question each file asks.



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Still working on the spectrophotometry question. Nearly done, can start next batch of word problems next week.



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Finished writing the third error question, and started on the more challenging error question involving multiplication of errors.



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Started at 12.30 so am leaving at 3.30

Uploaded the question I worked on last week having repaired any mistakes that i made. Uploaded a second differential question which needs to be solved a different way and involving insects.

I am now working on another differential looking at the rate of decay of bacteria with an applied pathogen.



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Solved the incorrect maths from the errors question, tidied it up and finished with that one. Started the next errors question, which involves multiplication of errors instead of simple addition.



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Uploaded a completed question involving solving differentials using caffeine as an example.

Came up with another real life example of solving differentials by using rate laws and solving a first order rate law applicable to an SN1 reaction of (CH3)3C-Br + H2O.

Enjoying doing this question so far, its not too complicated and is very very important to chemists, I am glad for the refresher myself. But the solution is quite long and hence writing the feedback is taking a while. However it is nearly done and just needs brushing up for uploading next week.

After this I will look at doing something similar for a second order reaction.



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I have sorted all of my differentiation questions. And I think I've successfully created a multiple choice question 🙂



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Got most of the way through a multipart spectrophotometry question. Unit conversion in PHP gets to your head...



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Gave up on the integration by parts second question. It was taking way too long and wasting a lot of time. Uploaded my first one that was successful however and I have now almost completed a 'solving differential' question thanks to the example Hazel gave me. I am annoyed at how much time ive wasted. I think I am going to try sticking with slightly easier questions from here on.