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Chasing (bird) chicks on a tropical island: all in a day’s work for a bird biologist

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Third year BSc Biology students, Romy Rice and Noemie Engel, write about their experiences on placement from September to December 2016 working for the Maio Biodiversity Foundation in the Cape Verde islands.

Noemie and Romy

Noemie Engel (left) and Romy Rice

In September 2016, we embarked on an adventure to Maio, a seemingly uneventful little island in Cape Verde with only 8,000 inhabitants, which turned out to be one of the most lively places we have ever experienced. With untouched beaches stretching for kilometres, vibrant yet quaint villages, and incredibly friendly people, we immediately fell in love with the place. We worked for a local NGO, the Maio Biodiversity Foundation (FMB), carrying out fieldwork for 3 months with a small shorebird, the Kentish Plover, as part of our university placement year.