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The Milner Centre for Evolution update

📥  Milner Centre

Our aim is to keep all staff and students working within close proximity of the project up-to-date and informed of works progress. Where possible WRW will give notice of any potential disruption. Site Manager, Firhan Saeed, will be on site throughout the working day and will be the first point of contact (07976 865497 or

The contractor's welfare & office area has been installed and a secure boundary to the perimeter of the site has been erected. Additional signage to the perimeter  - to identify who we are, the site contact details and giving directions for pedestrians - is being displayed.

The site works have included stripping topsoil and we are in the process of excavating the ground to lower levels to install foundations and drainage up to 3m in depth. The ground is largely rock and consequently there will be some noisy works removing this. The noise & vibration will be intermittent throughout the working day over the next four to six weeks. The excavated material will then be removed from site by haulage lorries - during this time we will be monitoring road conditions to ensure they are kept clean.

We will also be installing a new water connection to Building 4SA within the next two weeks and excavating an electricity trench from the site to the substation opposite the car park.

Forecast works over the next few weeks Noise level Forecast completion date
  • Breaking out rock in ground to form foundations and drainage
Possible disruption throughout the day Until the end of March
  • Excavations being removed from site, by haulage company
Occasional plant noise Throughout March
  • Concrete deliveries
Occasional plant noise Throughout March & April
  • General deliveries
Occasional plant noise Throughout March & April

Current site, Feb 2017

Milner Update

How it will look in April 2018


Polden project update

📥  Polden accommodation

Preparation works for the Polden accommodation block are now well underway. The trees from the footprint of the building have been removed and recycled in order to provide weed suppression to flower beds around campus.

Vinci Construction have also completed the erection of site security fencing around the construction activity, and the initial welfare accommodation has been delivered into the West Car Park.

Following the closure of the road adjacent to 7W and 9W, excavation for drainage has begun so that the live services can be diverted into the roadway. This consists of Foul and Storm drainage, IT and Comms cables, and HV power cables serving the surrounding buildings.

Excavation to reduce the ground for the new Polden building is nearing completion, with all the rock material being recycled and re-used off-campus.

Forecast works over the next few weeks Noise level Forecast completion date
  • • Commence excavation of Foundations
Medium – plant noise, loading lorries 20/03/17 - ongoing
  • • Commence excavation for new soakaway
Medium – plant noise, loading lorries 16/03/17 – ongoing
  • • Diversion of services
Occasional plant noise 20/02/17 – Early April

How the Polden building will look in July 2018

All staff and students will be kept up-to-date by giving as much notice of any potential disruptions as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

How the Polden building will look in July 2018




New Polden accommodation construction and access to Claverton campus

📥  Polden

Preparations for the new Polden accommodation are now underway.

As a result, there will be changes to access to the west of the Claverton campus for the duration of the project, due to complete next summer (2018).

From Thursday 16 February, the road running alongside 7W and 9W will be closed. This means parents and carers driving to Westwood nursery should use the Claverton Down Road entrance.

Work to create a new West Car Park entrance and exit in the top corner of the car park will start next week (w/c 20 February). Once complete (scheduled for Monday 27 February), the section of Quarry Road next to the new building will be closed and the Quarry Road campus entrance will only be for access to the West Car Park, except in an emergency.

Polden car park has closed and the temporary Overflow West Car Park has reopened to offer the same number of car parking spaces.

The cycle shelter on Quarry Road has closed, with alternative spaces in shelters outside 10W and at the bottom of Wessex House steps.

A new pedestrian route will be created across the top of the West Car Park onto campus before the closure of Quarry Road.

The underdeck will fully reopen to vehicles on Tuesday 28 February.

A number of the trees that have been removed will be replaced during final landscaping of the Polden project.

Polden logistics plan


Manvers Street project update

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📥  Manvers Street

Level 1

  • Internal finishes have started on level 1 following the completion of the external tanking and waterproofing.
  • Dribuild and the supply chain are working hard to complete this area as soon as possible following delays encountered due to council restrictions.

Level 2

  • Works on Level 2 are progressing well with suspended ceilings and decorations ongoing

External Works

  • Window replacement works are almost complete - including plastering and decorations.
  • The lift shaft construction is complete and the new passenger lift is being installed.
  • The front courtyard waterproofing and tanking work is almost complete.

Access routes across the site are maintained for the UOB staff working on Level 4.

The access routes will be changed after Christmas when staff will be need to use the main entrance to enable work to the existing staff entrance and stairwell to be carried out.