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4 East South: Project Newsletter - April 2015

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📥  4 East South

Progress to date

Main build

Despite minor set backs due to high winds and bad weather the project is on schedule.

  • The final installment of ground floor slabs is complete.
  • Installation of the building frame and columns has started and is making good progress.
  • Wheel washers are in constant use at the site entrance. Construction vehicles are having wheels washed down before leaving the site in order to protect Convocation Avenue.


Energy Centre

  • The Energy Centre structure is complete, water tight and is now fully energised.
  • The existing Energy Centre is gradually being disconnected and all transfers are underway.
  • HV and LV power is live and under a University permit to work.

Progress in the coming period

  • Following completion of the ground floor slabs, construction of the first floor will commence.
  • Installation of a tarmac band around the site will commence to allow safe access to site.


Health & Safety

  • Zero injury accidents.
  • 100% score in safety audit.
  • Ongoing reviews to optimise safe construction methods and improve risk management


  • 99.9% of site waste to date diverted from land fill.
  • Bristol & West Archaeology have been in attendance during excavation works but to date, nothing of archaeological value has been identified.
  • Continued discussions and research to use more environmentally friendly construction materials

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10 West: Project Newsletter - April 2015

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📥  10 West

Progress to date

The project is making excellent progress despite the high wind and bad weather experienced in March.

Extra measures and precautions have been introduced when construction vehicles leave the site, such as banksmen that are helping vehicles to safely leave the site.

  • The construction of level 0 has been completed, Vinci will commence the instalment of internal walls and will commence level 1. This will include the instalment of approximately 250 tonnes of concrete during April. There will be periodic times of high noise as the concrete works are completed.
  • The construction and installation of the drainage system is nearing completion.
  • The foul drainage system has been completed on schedule.
  • A gate is required and will be opened shortly adjacent to the West car park, this is to allow access for an additional crane during May. This will result in a temporary reduction of 8 parking bays from West car park for a period of one month.

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