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Extending open access to scholarly books


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Wellcome Trust have a well established policy requiring research papers written by their grant holder to be open access.  They are now extending this requirement to research published in scholarly monographs and book chapters as well.  See the Wellcome Trust press release for full details.

HEFCE's consultation on open access requirements for the REF post-2014 invited comment on whether it would be appropriate to expect monograph content submitted to the REF to be open access.  We're still waiting for the results of that consultation.  Meanwhile, I'm eager to see how the Wellcome Trust requirement fairs: How easily will it be for grant holders to comply?  Will it encourage more open access options for researchers?


Open access requirements for the REF post-2014: HEFCE consultation


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HEFCE have announced their intention to “introduce a requirement that all outputs submitted to the post-2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise are published on an open-access basis” (para 8), with some flexibility and exceptions for where this is not reasonably possible.

HEFCE’s proposals would require research outputs submitted to post-2014 REFs to be accessible through an institutional repository (such as the University of Bath’s Opus).  Both green and gold forms of open access would be acceptable, and there would be an allowance for reasonable embargo periods for green open access.

For me, the most striking part of the proposal is the intention that “work which has been originally published in an ineligible form then retrospectively made available in time for the post-2014 REF submission date should not be eligible, as the primary objective of this proposal is to stimulate immediate open-access publication” (para 12).  This means we need to start acting on this now.  It can’t wait until the next REF!

Read the full document: ‘Open Access and Submissions to the Research Excellence Framework post-2014’.

HEFCE invite responses to this consultation by 25th March 2013.


More Open Access in the public arena

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Oh my. The New York Times has an opinion piece supporting the move towards Open Access for government funded research:
We Paid for the Research, So Let’s See It.
They even suggest a shorter embargo than 12 months.

HEFCE and the UK funding councils have issued a call for commentary on the role of OA publishing in the submission of outputs to the post-2014 REF. This appears to carry a good deal of support for repositories.

Interesting post by SPARC Europe on funder policies on Open Access from around the world. Note the lonely funder under 'Gold (journals) preferred where available'..