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Extending open access to scholarly books


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Wellcome Trust have a well established policy requiring research papers written by their grant holder to be open access.  They are now extending this requirement to research published in scholarly monographs and book chapters as well.  See the Wellcome Trust press release for full details.

HEFCE's consultation on open access requirements for the REF post-2014 invited comment on whether it would be appropriate to expect monograph content submitted to the REF to be open access.  We're still waiting for the results of that consultation.  Meanwhile, I'm eager to see how the Wellcome Trust requirement fairs: How easily will it be for grant holders to comply?  Will it encourage more open access options for researchers?


2013: open access gets teeth

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For several years now RCUK, Wellcome Trust, NIH and other major research funders have had policies requiring publications arising from the research they fund to be made open access.  But 2013 looks set to be the year in which these policies get teeth.

Wellcome Trust have announced that, starting from April 2013, if grant holders do not comply with their open access policy then the Trust will “withhold the final 10 per cent of the 'total transferable funds' budget on the grant until all papers comply

Similarly  the NIH have given notice of their intention to “delay processing of non-competing continuing grant awards” until recipients have demonstrated compliance with their open access policy.

And last but by no means least, RCUK’s strengthened open access policy comes into force from 1st April 2013.  RCUK will monitor compliance, though we don’t yet know exactly how or what the consequences of non-compliance will be.  But given the example set by Wellcome Trust and the NIH, it’s safe to say the days when a funders open access policy could be quietly ignored are numbered!