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The chances of another coalition

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📥  Election 2015

With current election polling suggesting a Hung Parliament - where no one party has an overall majority - is likely, what the prospects of another coalition government? What are the possible combinations and the potential political colours of the UK's next government? How stable might a future coalition government be?

In the first of a series of election videos to be released in the run up to Thursday 7 May from academics around the University, Professor Charlie Lees, shares learning from his research into how coalitions are formed and how long they last.


'The wild card in these scenarios is the SNP, which could make serious inroads into previously safe Labour seats in Scotland. The Conservatives have ruled out co-operation with the SNP and the Lib Dems have also made some negative noises about this.

'The Conservatives and their supporters in the national press have tried to box Labour into also ruling out a formal coalition with the SNP. They appear to have done this but not ruled out a more fluid ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement. As I said, the outcome of the 2015 election may surprise us all.'

- Professor Charlie Lees, Head of Department, Politics, Languages & International Studies

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