Personal views from University of Bath researchers on the news of the day

Brexit experts

Our academic experts are available for comment on Brexit and the European Union.

If you're a journalist and want to talk to our experts, contact the Press team at 01225 386319 or press@bath.ac.uk

Dr Nick Startin

  • In recent years Nick has organised workshops, delivered lectures and papers and participated in conferences in Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Cologne, Paris and Vienna. He has also made national and regional media appearances on BBC and Sky News.
  • In particular, Nick is available to comment on EU referenda, and the rise of Euroscepticism and the Far-Right.

Dr David Moon

  • Dr Moon currently works on various project related to post-devolution UK politics. David is available to speak about devolution, political rhetoric and oratory, and the study of ideological struggle within multi-levelled political parties.

Professor Charlie Lees

  • Professor Lees has an international research profile and is available to speak about EU Referendum, Brexit, national politics and political parties. He frequently comments on national and regional media outlets.

Professor Bill Durodie

  • Professor and Chair of International Relations focusing on risk, resilience, radicalisation and the politics of fear. He is available to speak in particular about Brexit and the issues surrounding identity.

Professor Nick Pearce

  • Nick is the Director of the Institute for Policy Research and former Head of Gordon Brown’s Policy Unit in Number 10. He is available to speak about Brexit, British politics and policy analysis.

Dr Aurelien Mondon

  • Dr Mondon currently works on various project related to racism and right-wing populism, and their impact on liberal democracy. He is available to speak about rise of the right in Europe, and the influence of Brexit on the rise of the right.

Dr Susan Milner

  • Dr Milner focuses on the relationship between policy and practice in the field of employment and social policy. She is available to speak about EU politics and in particular the labour market.

Dr Maria Garcia

  • Dr Garcia's research has focussed on the various free trade agreement strategies of global economic powers in the region, and the effects of strategic competition on their strategies. She is available to speak about issues surrounding trade in the wake of Brexit and related issues around TTIP.

Dr Alan Butt Philip

  • Dr Philip focusses on what a single European market implies for the European business environment and the institutions of the European Union.
  • He is available to speak about the business perspective of Brexit.

Dr Bruce Morley

  • Dr Morley focusses on international macroeconomics and models of exchange rate determination. He is also interested in the economics of the EU, especially the effects of monetary union and is available to comment on these issues.

Professor Chris Martin

  • Dr Martin is a specialist in macroeconomics and monetary economics with expertise in monetary policy. He is available to speak about the British economy, trade, the value of the sterling and impact on markets.

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey

  • Veronica is the Dean of our School of Management and an expert on the issue of trust and the trustworthiness of leaders.
  • Veronica’s research focuses on the link between Business Strategy, HR Strategy and Change Management. She is particularly interested in the relationship between organisational change and individual transition. She teaches and consults on an international basis.