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P&P Research Presentation at TEDx

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Researchers in our department have created an innovative ingredient for suncream which can act as a UVA filter and provide fuller protection against skin damage. Dr Charareh Pourzand will be presenting her research at the TEDx Bath University Event on the 8th March:

The Skin ‘Beauty’ and the Sun ‘Beast’

While many suncreams provide good protection against the sun's UVB rays, the chief cause of skin reddening and sunburn, they provide less protection against more prevalent UVA rays. Scientists believe this may be one of the reasons why skin cancer incidence rates are increasing worldwide. Dr Charareh Pourzand and Dr Ian Eggleston have created an innovative ingredient which when applied in a suncream can act as a UVA filter and provide fuller protection against skin damage. The new compounds are light activated when exposed to relevant doses of UVA, and unique in how they release anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals whilst at the same time capturing excess iron in the skin. In the UK, over 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year, of which 10,000 are malignant melanoma - the deadliest form of the disease and also the fifth most common cancer in the UK. This research could soon be helping to better protect skin and reduce the number of cases of this type of cancer.


Charareh Pourzand from the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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