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A Summer of Research for Students from Shandong University

📥  Research

This summer the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology is hosting 5 undergraduate students from Shandong University, Jinan, to carry out 8 week research placements. IMG_1316 for blog The 5 students (left to right) Ziyu Zeng, Liguo Wang, Shiyu Zhou, Yafei Yu, and Xiaowen Ma, were selected on the basis of their academic record and an interview to participate in the Vacation Studentship Scheme. They are carrying out projects in the research groups of Drs Ian Eggleston, Matthew Lloyd, Ian Blagbrough and Amanda Mackenzie, and Prof Randy Mrsny in Pharmacy & Pharmacology , and in collaboration with other laboratories in the Faculty of Science. This is the fifth year that the Department has hosted a group of students from Shandong, through this scheme coordinated by the University International Relations Office and English Language Centre, with support from the Faculty of Science.

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