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A Cheque from the Abseilers

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Prof. Mike Threadgill and Dr. Amit Nathubhai who recently took part in an abseiling event with Bath students presented a cheque to Yasmin Burtally from the Association of International Cancer Research. Also present was the Vice Chancellor, Don Foster and the Mayor of Bath. It was a double celebration as Katerina Kumpan, a PhD student of the Threadgill laboratory passed her viva on the same day.


Presentation of the cheque to AICR (Yasmin Burtally from AICR, Tim Higgs from Bath SU, and Amit Nathubhai from the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology)














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Smarty Pants

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Over £4000 Raised for Cancer Research


Congratulations to Smarty Pants Fundraisers: Simon, Mike, Amit and Olivia

Prof. Mike Threadgill (PI) and Dr. Amit Nathubhai (Co-PI) have been awarded a grant from the charity, AICR (Association of International Cancer Research) to support their research towards the inhibition of Tankyrase and its link to cancer. They have recently supported a fund raising event called “Smarty Pants” created by AICR. Students from the University of Bath including those from the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (Olivia Stillwagon and Simon Underwood), as well as Dr Amit Nathubhai and Prof. Mike Threadgill took part in an abseiling event down a 200ft descent off the Avon Gorge. Over £4000 has been raised.

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Design and Discovery of 2-Arylquinazolin-4-ones as Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Tankyrase

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Mike Threadgill goes over the edge


Amit Nathubhai poses for the camera in his Smarty-Pants